Film Theory: Dear DC, I Fixed Your Universe! (Justice League Snyder Cut)

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So now that we've all finally got to see the infamous Snyder Cut of DC's The Justice League, we're good right? Wrong! Now the people want to make it CANON! Well Theorists, what if I told you it already was? What if the original vision of Zack Snyder's Justice League has ALWAYS been canon? That's right! Before you send off that tweet, watch this video! It may have you saying instead.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Tipoxx

    Tipoxx5 hours ago

    *visible confusion*

  2. Omar Martinez

    Omar Martinez5 hours ago

    Only problem, Mera has her accent in the bad ending.

  3. Kovid Cadera

    Kovid Cadera7 hours ago

    SOMEONE SEND THIS OVER TO THE STUDIO. Like, Star Wars has Dave Filoni. I pray DC will be able to save them with a move like this. PLEASE.

  4. 03 Abhay Deshmukh

    03 Abhay Deshmukh12 hours ago

    This guy's a Genius

  5. 03 Abhay Deshmukh

    03 Abhay Deshmukh13 hours ago

    I actually watched the whole video on 360p just because he said to 🤣🤣🤣



    It all makes sence but what doesnt add up is that in the nightmare timeline we hear mira with the accent like she has in the rest of Snyder cut, that would mean that's the future of the snyder timeline right?

  7. JC123 _

    JC123 _Day ago

    I’m a marvel fan and I think this is dope and would probably get me more into dc

  8. Potato Patato

    Potato PatatoDay ago

    3:27 Heh, you can tell Matpat's reached the "bedtime story" part of dad-hood.

  9. Mccann Antonette

    Mccann AntonetteDay ago

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  10. Joes Zone VR

    Joes Zone VR2 days ago

    I liked this one

  11. Ryan Singh

    Ryan Singh2 days ago

    What an amazing video I only noticed a few things like how different The flash was from the Joss whedon flash but you got them all

  12. Special Order 937

    Special Order 9372 days ago

    Mind BLOWN!!!!!!! 😳

  13. Savage Dameron

    Savage Dameron3 days ago

    Great theory, but DC is stupid and won’t do that. They’ll blow it up and start over and since they’re taking a woke approach this time it’ll blow up again and they’ll do it a 3rd time

  14. Justin Ames

    Justin Ames4 days ago

    All I can say is #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

  15. PWR RA7

    PWR RA74 days ago

    In josstice leugue you can see Alfred in the car with lois whwn the JL ressereets superman. Bruce knows about lois from BVS.

  16. jolteon pizza

    jolteon pizza4 days ago

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  17. SoulHuN7eR

    SoulHuN7eR5 days ago

    I am sold. Shut up and take my €€€ 😎

  18. randomvoiceovers555

    randomvoiceovers5555 days ago

    So DC might have a chance against Marvel

  19. sujith sudhakaran

    sujith sudhakaran6 days ago

    There is a tieny winey steppenwolf problem in this theory unless one of the steppenwolf in the movies is fake ( or his replacement taking his name ) But that's just a theory, my theory atleast 😂

  20. Louis Aguado

    Louis Aguado6 days ago

    Can't wait to buy the Snyder cut. Best DC movie ever

  21. Queen Cersei Lannister

    Queen Cersei Lannister6 days ago

    That Joker is the cringiest thing I've seen. 😂😂

  22. Mr. DND

    Mr. DND6 days ago


  23. V Review

    V Review6 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds it mind boggling that Zack Snyder made a better movie than the original justice league with ONE TENTH THE BUDGET OF THE ORIGINAL JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sam wilson The new captain america

    Sam wilson The new captain america7 days ago

    So bat man need to save the univers by the rule bros befor hoes

  25. DragonForce Limitless

    DragonForce Limitless7 days ago

    but you forgot to mention that ezra miler and grant justin meet about the multiveres

  26. Acoustic Orca947

    Acoustic Orca9477 days ago

    If I wanted to watch the Justice League movies in order or the whole DCU in order what movies would I watch

  27. Andrew Pham

    Andrew Pham8 days ago

    The cut rod perioperatively strip because tortellini thirdly rejoice around a oafish plot. homeless, diligent michael

  28. MotionInProgress

    MotionInProgress8 days ago

    Here before the movies actually release and we thank Matt for predicting a good trilogy 🤍

  29. Mr. Ditkovich

    Mr. Ditkovich8 days ago

    I watched in 360p to preserve your artistic vision

  30. Mr. Ditkovich

    Mr. Ditkovich8 days ago


  31. Daniel Valentin

    Daniel Valentin9 days ago

    I like how WB is treating Man of steel, BvS, and Justice League, as THE Zack Snyder trilogy, not the 5 movie plan he had

  32. Leaf G

    Leaf G9 days ago

    Man I just want him to see how rich Jake (from Jake and the neverland pirates) and his crew got over the duration of the show, I mean they were raking in 7-15 solid gold coins per half episode

  33. cateyeplayzgamez llol

    cateyeplayzgamez llol9 days ago

    If they do this they are gonna have a better rating then Disney But it's gonna cost them their ego

  34. cateyeplayzgamez llol

    cateyeplayzgamez llol9 days ago

    Why do I feel like this Was actually gonna happen but they aren't gonna do it any more

  35. Suraj Krishnaa

    Suraj Krishnaa9 days ago

    But actually even in josstice league, batman brings in lois to confront supes, because he interpreted flash's '' lois is the key'' as to bring in lois when supes goes berserk... So the dream sequence clearly is addressed in josstice league, so I'm not sure about this theory.!.... But anyway, i loved your theory and the work you put in this formulation! Hope wb grows sense and allows to churn out sensible cinema!

  36. Deadly Eror

    Deadly Eror9 days ago

    This got me really interested in the DC movie universe. I reeaaaally hope you're right here, Mat.

  37. ManuelSatou

    ManuelSatou9 days ago

    It does make sense, but don't forget that Evangelion fans think that a regular mech drama anime is a masterpiece just because it's creator threw random stuff into it and was depressed.

  38. Blue Blade

    Blue Blade9 days ago

    The Cojones to do it- Matpat 2021, who would have gotten demonetized if he had pronounced it correctly

  39. Xweebx 123

    Xweebx 12310 days ago


  40. Chalky

    Chalky10 days ago

    Something else that supports the theme (sort of) Flash's reaction to iris' accident. Like yes, love at first sight, but why would he reveal his powers randomly to somebody he likes? unless he already knows what the future will hold. Plus his whole action towards her during the slo-mo would be "creeper alert" if you don't factor in the fact he's living a second life.

  41. Cyl

    Cyl10 days ago

    I like when the doctor is used as a symbol for time travel. Seeing Peter Capaldi brings a smile to my face- Well, not literally, it's a reaction. Unless the image was a weeping angel or a 2-dimensional being, I doubt it would physically bring a smile to my face, but seeing Peter Capaldi makes me happy.

  42. Deku

    Deku10 days ago

    It's like the ending a FNAF 3 you can either get the good ending or the bad ending

  43. Life Of Positivity

    Life Of Positivity10 days ago


  44. Mason Nguyen

    Mason Nguyen10 days ago

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  45. Mya Reena

    Mya Reena10 days ago

    Somebody get DC on the phone NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Mitch Walls

    Mitch Walls11 days ago

    The only problem with watching your theories is that now I will be very upset if they drop the ball with these movies.

  47. ItsLG

    ItsLG12 days ago

    Hey that's just a Theory a Me:A Great Theory

  48. ok ko

    ok ko12 days ago

    Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  49. JNuTZ DB

    JNuTZ DB13 days ago

    WB: write this down, because this exactly we won’t do because we like ruining great ideas and visions.

  50. Dom808

    Dom80813 days ago

    Whoa, that’s pretty genius

  51. Gunnar B

    Gunnar B13 days ago

    The thing that sucks though is that every movie they will continue to put out will be in the Josstice League timeline.

  52. Protestor Abnocuum

    Protestor Abnocuum13 days ago

    He didn't know how to use that OP reverse time, it was more like an SpeedForce Deus Ex Instinct

  53. I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    I Like to eat the food after i drink the water13 days ago

    Wait if reverse flash is the exact opposite of the flash wouldn’t he be super slow

  54. Juffin Hally

    Juffin Hally14 days ago

    Quite a decent theory, so thanks for that, but let me just say - - F##K Pattinson's Batman

  55. Tristan The FiendishLombax

    Tristan The FiendishLombax14 days ago

    I'd prefer an injustice series of movies or show, something that'd follow the comics and games. Make something expansive that'd generate a ton of revenue for WB/DC sure they'd have to put in a lot of revenue to get the effects down, but if done right they could be walking away with a franchise that's worth more than avengers and the rest of the MCU just saying and if you follow the trends injustice (the comics alone) grossed more revenue (and after the games blew marvel outta the water with a massive explosion) so you know they have a winning formula weather they use it or not is up to them.

  56. Ezaz Ahmed Khan

    Ezaz Ahmed Khan15 days ago

    Hear me Matt if I ever became CEO of DC you will be my 4 partner and plan man

  57. Lost JokerG

    Lost JokerG15 days ago

    Suicide squad and batman v superman stopped me from watching more DC films but you saved it.

  58. J Mace

    J Mace15 days ago

    I love the Snyder Cut.

  59. J Mace

    J Mace15 days ago

    DC should have had an easier time of it because people actually know most of the members of the Justice League. Prior to Guardians of the Galaxy only the most hardcore fans had any idea who they were.

  60. Henry Wisniewski

    Henry Wisniewski15 days ago

    The sad part of the rotten tomatoes score was that almost half those reviewers didn't watch the movie,🤣🤣🤣

  61. A B

    A B15 days ago

    Wow... smart 😍 I liked this theory. 🌹

  62. gabe franca

    gabe franca15 days ago

    It pisses me off that that one atlantian consuls breath on the surface when it’s stated in the movie Aquaman that only members of the royal families can, another thing is that Arthur doesn’t know who Mera was in Aquaman but appeared meets her in justice league before he becomes king of Atlantis, ALSO he does to where ATLA s trident is in justice league…

  63. KYNG MAN

    KYNG MAN15 days ago

    Matpat said it himself they already know what they were doing he just broke it down to us

  64. Kriz24 Gaming

    Kriz24 Gaming15 days ago

    Ben Affleck is the WORST Batman ever... yes, even worse than THAT GUY YOU'RE THINKING OF!! XD

  65. Al Gore

    Al Gore15 days ago

    You give WB too much credit. they didn't plan this lol

  66. Isabelle Jackson

    Isabelle Jackson16 days ago

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  67. Dorks Domain

    Dorks Domain16 days ago

    Has a few holes in it but lucky for you I like Swiss cheese


    LEGO COMIC TV16 days ago

    We have film theory food theory and game theory what comes next comic theory or book theory we need more of the theory you tube unverse the tytu

  69. Daniel Gremmler

    Daniel Gremmler16 days ago

    I'd rather they scrub all of this stuff out of existence and start over (along with that dreadful color palette). Batman is doom and gloom; Superman is not, nor is Wonder Woman, etc. Visually, looking at MCU vs. DCEU feels like comparing Pixar animation to Dreamworks. I wonder where all the money went? I really loved Nolan's work (note he doesn't rely on characters talking to themselves to propel the plot), but then again, I thought Singer's Superman was good and Spacey's Lex Luthor was the best iteration of that character ever. WB went in the opposite direction with Snyder and Man of Steel. All action, super-human slug-fest stuff held together with weak dialog, which more or less defined the DCEU afterward -- it got much worse in later movies.

  70. Wonderful Time

    Wonderful Time16 days ago

    I loved how he used the regime superman in Injustice gods among us for superman turning evil

  71. Ian Ψ

    Ian Ψ16 days ago

    I was confused 80% of the time trying to understand this video but I still like hearing matpat talk

  72. YouEvenSk8

    YouEvenSk817 days ago

    Give us a un-animated red hood movie

  73. Ethan Ramseys

    Ethan Ramseys17 days ago

    5:30 best joke you've ever done, and you have a good variety

  74. bibek pantha

    bibek pantha17 days ago

    Guys imagine the invincible meme....mat pat be like THINK! WB THINK!

  75. Brb

    Brb17 days ago

    WB: Let’s make Hourman

  76. ChopItUp Comix

    ChopItUp Comix17 days ago

    This was very well put together, it doesn't completely throw out the 2017 JL movie but shifts it into a alternate reality instead..DC wouldn't have to change a thing all the would have to do is continue building the Snyderverse until the final big fight against Darkseid.

  77. Matthew J

    Matthew J17 days ago

    I know none of us remember the 2017 cut but Batman’s plan B after Superman respawns was Louis right? So in that version the Bat knew she was important

  78. Steven Brodowski

    Steven Brodowski17 days ago

    #RestoreTheSnyderverse #ReleaseTheAyercut

  79. Nitro Ninja

    Nitro Ninja17 days ago

    Whats your thoughts about the cw flash crisis because dceu flash was in cw in the crossover

  80. Sergio Cepeda

    Sergio Cepeda18 days ago

    Great video! Really hope youre right

  81. GTA5 Clippers

    GTA5 Clippers18 days ago

    That was fantastic

  82. Mr Siracha

    Mr Siracha18 days ago

    13:12 ong...I thought I was the only one whom noticed Queen Mira’s accent...

  83. Mr Siracha

    Mr Siracha18 days ago

    8:52 I don’t really like Zach Snyder’s direction of the future JL movies...I kinda want(ed) it to be more like the Injustice series/comic books yeah I know...I too like Zach Snyder’s perspective...but I like the most Comic-Accurate connected ways, like Marvel-ish.

  84. Mr Siracha

    Mr Siracha18 days ago

    7:54 “They’re all continues storyLine that will carry on from BOTH Justice League movie’s” me: so how’re they gonna deal with the fact that Victor’s dad/Father is dead (and isn’t dead in Josstice League)

  85. Mr Siracha

    Mr Siracha18 days ago

    so...why wont HBOmax “Buy” Warner Bros....

  86. Mr Siracha

    Mr Siracha18 days ago

    1:31 wait...DC+Warner Bro’s had solo DC films to begin with.....that would’ve (at least) made us understand more of Charecters perspective and Sympathize with ‘em...

  87. Arkmaster0811

    Arkmaster081118 days ago

    Justic league the matpat cut

  88. Israel Lai

    Israel Lai19 days ago

    this video makes me feel like Zack Snyder is Kevin Feige if Disney didn't trust him

  89. M3TALH3AD

    M3TALH3AD19 days ago

    This is one of the best Fan theories I'm impressed with and rooting on the part of WB to implement it.

  90. billedefoudre

    billedefoudre19 days ago

    I raise your "reverse flash" with a "anti venom". Bam.

  91. billedefoudre

    billedefoudre19 days ago

    And now, we'll have to wait for the Snyder Cut of "Army of the Dead", which was barely a movie, plot, inner coherence & cut-wise, aside from the first awesome 10 min. .... Yeah, Snyder can be as "impressive and genius" as "incredibly underwhelming and bad", sometimes, I guess.

  92. MightyCawl2

    MightyCawl220 days ago

    You are a genius

  93. Demizzy Esho

    Demizzy Esho20 days ago

    I guess that's why batman keeps having this dreams

  94. Sophia Scalice

    Sophia Scalice20 days ago

    If possible, would you mind fixing or explaining the Legacy of Kain timelines? How would Kain resurrect Vorador or restore the Pillars of Nosgoth? Could he save Janos Audron from the Demon Realm or defeat the Elder God after Post Soul Reaver 1 Era?

  95. Kujo jotaro stand:[Ocean man]

    Kujo jotaro stand:[Ocean man]21 day ago

    The good ending (Wholesome music)

  96. Omega-man the

    Omega-man the21 day ago

    And the card got ripped when he got killed by super insurgency.

  97. Omega-man the

    Omega-man the21 day ago

    Okay wait wait wait. No no no no that doesn't make sense in the end, he doesn't mention her because they reshot and repiroposed the voice lines. Zsjl Is a direct continuation or bvs ultimate edition. Josstice league, isn't and barely connects the story.

  98. Omega-man the

    Omega-man the21 day ago

    Also you need to factor in the bvs ultimate edition not the theatrical.


    ICE ELIMS21 day ago

    3:25 hes correct

  100. OswinOsgood

    OswinOsgood22 days ago

    Dont forget the movie flash crossed over with the TV shows flash during crisis on infinite earths storyline, if this meet up took place DURING the movies doing Flashpoint, then its even MORE of an excuse for a reboot since all of reality was destroyed and put back together again with some changes. Going to be disappointed if theres no tv/movie crossover again to solidify this cause that would be very cool xD