Film Theory: The Lorax Movie LIED To You!

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We all know what the moral to The Lorax is, right? Respect the environment and conservation. Well guess what, you're WRONG! At least, you are wrong if we are talking about the 2012 movie version of The Lorax. You see, that movie made some... interesting changes to the story we all know and love. Changes that kind of ruin that message. In fact, it almost turns it on it's head and says the opposite. Yet, the movie STILL claims to be about environmentalism. Get ready, I am about to expose all of the LIES of The Lorax movie!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Josh Langman and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Flygawne Bard of Light

    Flygawne Bard of Light7 months ago

    Disclaimer: Film Theory is not responsible for any psychological trauma inflicted by the Onceler fandom.

  2. Flygawne Bard of Light

    Flygawne Bard of Light16 days ago

    @Loser_Quail yes.

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    I’ve heard the fandom is bad, but is it that bad?

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    @King Dallas Is Dead how does- oh right m-sturbation is a thing.

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    Truffula trees grow in many different colours, but why are all the Thneeds pink?

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    I’m stupid 😜

  9. ♡︎︎Jo̸nes♡︎

    ♡︎︎Jo̸nes♡︎17 hours ago

    It’s sad cancel culture wants to cancel Dr. Seuss He was my favorite author you see well back in Dr. Seuss days it was okay to be racists So he put a “Chines man who eats with sticks” I haven’t read the book in so long so sorry if it’s wrong but wanna know what’s funny DR. SEUSS IS DEAD D E A D like candle culture really need to grow up since they try to cancel people for anything now they even try to calm everyone someone WHO IS DEAD LIKE CAN PEOPLE BE THAT DUMB TO CANCEL SOMEONE THAT IS DEAD What do you want him to do come out of his grave apologies like BRUHHHHHHH THIS JUST PROVES THAT PEOPLE CAN BE DUMB 👁👄👁 Anyways have an amazing rest of your day or night I hoped you raged reading this I hoped you laughed thank you for your time I’m just gonna 😃🔫

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    Wilbur Sootler

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    I just get water from our fridge I didn’t know we were saving monkey or anything

  12. Demonics Inc

    Demonics Inc22 hours ago

    Well. I'd say o'hare running a complete monopoly on everything would still be responsible as he didn't offer any alternatives

  13. Shwip

    ShwipDay ago

    the wolf will always be the bad guy if red hood tells the story

  14. Eric D'SOUZA

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  16. Gabby Avelino (Gabby5820)

    Gabby Avelino (Gabby5820)Day ago

    Biggering is a much epic banger than How Bad can I be, change my mind

  17. some tree

    some treeDay ago

    actually air takes up less volume when pressurized, so although the bottles don't have much volume, it could probably hold a lot of air. the bottles weren't designed to hold in high pressure, but let's blame that on the goofiness of the movie.

  18. Christene Kruger

    Christene Kruger2 days ago

    I need a minute to gather my thoughts

  19. Karima Hundt

    Karima Hundt2 days ago

    No it’s not just a theory, it sounds so legit. This is the real message wow wow

  20. Ermac “Error” Macro

    Ermac “Error” Macro2 days ago

    Fun fact that might throw a wrench into this theory: there's a song that was cut from the movie but is in the official soundtrack of the Lorax called "Biggering" which gives the Onceler a large amount of agency into what he did. Here's the link to the song: Pay attention to the actual lyrics and you'll realize in this version of the Onceler could have stopped, but didn't want to.

  21. fire flam

    fire flam3 days ago

    Ther is ONE forest on this planet?!?

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    Imperfect_star _3 days ago

    2:26 did he... did he just do what I think he did?

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  24. Christian Murray

    Christian Murray3 days ago

    Film theory idea in raya and the last dragon how did the people of fang know that sisu was at the end of the river??????

  25. AeonReign

    AeonReign3 days ago

    What a lot of people like to call cancel culture is just consumers voting with their wallets. Yes there are problems that arise in echo chambers, or from people not checking facts and jumping to conclusions, but if you don't support a business morally don't support it financially.

  26. Hannah Nothdurft

    Hannah Nothdurft3 days ago

    No ethical consumption under capitalism

  27. Daniel Mullins

    Daniel Mullins4 days ago

    Can you please do a. Theory. On. Futurerama

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    I speak for the trees, he said with a wheeze, and fell to his knees, and died due to thneeds

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    Thneed Ville, more like Autodale, am I right?

  31. kapowchou.2 kap

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    ok but where the custermers aware of what the thneed's resouce?

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    Ted is a SIMP

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    In addition, 2 words; athsma sucks.

  35. Nerd_ #4,137.

    Nerd_ #4,137.5 days ago

    *regardless, valid argument.

  36. Boy guest

    Boy guest5 days ago

    so basically a simp ruined a multi zillionaire dollar business just for a kiss on the cheek

  37. Cheezmonka

    Cheezmonka5 days ago

    I'd like to clarify that the way logging industries attempt to achieve sustainability is through sheer brute force and has historically not resulted in actual restoration of the natural state of areas where logging has taken place. Go visit any heavily logged area in Western Washington, then do a bit of digging and reading, and tell me their methods are truly effective at undoing the majority of damage caused by the industry. It's better than nothing, but it's still kind of a joke around here to anybody that isn't a family member of a logging union member or similar.

  38. Cheezmonka

    Cheezmonka5 days ago

    Further clarification: sheer number of trees being planted tells an extremely small portion of the story when it comes to long-term effects on a given area used for logging. It's only sustainable for their business model; not really so for the environment itself. That doesn't even get into the fact that clear-cuts sometimes lead to worse erosion regardless of how much care is taken when choosing locations for them, nor does it account for how destructive the machines are to eveything around them in terms of noise, waste product, emissions, road degradation, etc.

  39. Elin Felicia

    Elin Felicia6 days ago

    The things that happens to society is most often the majority’s fault, it’s just that we don’t want to admit it and blame the public figure instead.

  40. Ezekiel Mittendorf

    Ezekiel Mittendorf6 days ago

    Like life not theory life that life is great

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    Sephirothlover password haha, man after my own heart.

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  43. Hi crazy edd

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  45. Rodrigo Vera

    Rodrigo Vera7 days ago

    I think the villians are the Onceler parents because he wanted their parents to be proud of him (just a theory)

  46. James Orr

    James Orr7 days ago

    This just reinforces my capitalistic beliefs 👍

  47. Noah Cline

    Noah Cline7 days ago

    I am the lorax I speak for the trees Why are they speaking vietnamese

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    Ralsei deltarune destroys the ecosystem

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  50. OneThing

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    Can’t believe he was a simp

  51. SpiritualIdiot

    SpiritualIdiot8 days ago

    I like how bottled water is called fresher but it just tastes like plastic a lot of the time

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    I don't know why but every time I watch this videos I get so paranoid


    KAIDOU SHUN8 days ago

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  55. that one guy

    that one guy8 days ago

    Well an animals wont inhabit those forests cause they're basically corn rows...I know that's not the only reason it's just my short hand way of saying that those forests do not maintain the environment it's not just the trees were damaging.

  56. Nicole Collins

    Nicole Collins8 days ago

    1 Fury I actually get

  57. Jenya Hyde

    Jenya Hyde9 days ago

    So who's the villain in all of this?! "It's the consumer, it's us." Good.

  58. Seb Rod

    Seb Rod9 days ago

    This is like a market type socialist society.

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  62. Brea _Playz

    Brea _Playz9 days ago

    This whole video and theory is amazing but....THAT INTRO IS REALLY GOOD XD

  63. Nami Rayearth

    Nami Rayearth9 days ago

    Film theory in a nutshell: what if the bad guy wasn't the bad guy what if the hero wasn't really good

  64. eidane

    eidane9 days ago

    USA is a corpatocracy if we look from the outside.

  65. The_Monke0

    The_Monke09 days ago

    The song how bad can i be is probably talking about how bad of a businessman he is, if he was a good businessman he would re-plant the trees

  66. Derpe von doodle burg

    Derpe von doodle burg9 days ago

    ok but like where does the oxygen come from then?

  67. Hi crazy edd

    Hi crazy edd6 days ago

    Algae and fungi

  68. H2O_iq

    H2O_iq9 days ago

    is there a reason why ohair doesnt want the trees there

  69. ꧁𝕝𝕖𝕩.𝕝𝕒𝕓𝕫꧂

    ꧁𝕝𝕖𝕩.𝕝𝕒𝕓𝕫꧂9 days ago

    Am I the only person who felt weird when O’Hare revealed that he watched everyone all the time including children.

  70. Aubrey Boyd

    Aubrey Boyd9 days ago

    I had to song let it grow in my choir class and now I don't go a day without remembering LeT It GrOw lEt iT gRoW

  71. gutty

    gutty10 days ago

    even matpat is anti communist, what has the world come to.

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  74. Yohan Perera

    Yohan Perera10 days ago

    This video changed my mind on O'Hare.. But I disagree about your thoughts on the Once-ler. Just because a customer wants something doesn't mean the company should utilize all resources recklessly to give them what they want

  75. jacob mccabe

    jacob mccabe9 days ago

    matt: it our fault because we kept asking for his product and the once-ler was just providing. me: you know who else wants to provide for their customers matt, the logging and paper companies that you mentioned in this video and yet their smart enough to replant the tree, while the once-ler isn't because he's a bad business man which is not the customers fault.

  76. Knox Koontz

    Knox Koontz10 days ago

    Plot twist. Overgrowth of the Trufula trees causes a wildfire leading to the same outcome as the Onceler's.

  77. rodriguez brothers

    rodriguez brothers10 days ago

    So they should keep it a wasteland?

  78. Abaddon Ginger

    Abaddon Ginger10 days ago

    Wait if the oncler had a tree seed all the time. Why did he not plant it for like many years later

  79. OnlyOnePerson

    OnlyOnePerson10 days ago

    filmn theory how did he make the air?

  80. OnlyOnePerson

    OnlyOnePersonDay ago

    I know that but the movie dosnt specify how he makes air.. hes producing fog in the sky... so more people will buy haha so what is he doing to produce that much fog... and pure air... I think that is a good video what was he doing to greater air .. but idk about you but I dont see any oceans around lol

  81. Hi crazy edd

    Hi crazy edd6 days ago

    Algae and fungi make more oxygen than trees

  82. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith10 days ago

    I liked the start

  83. Gaddy Ruiz

    Gaddy Ruiz10 days ago

    Ted is a simp because he only wanted the tree for his crush.

  84. Måria Jakabová

    Måria Jakabová10 days ago

    The thing is that you can't convince people to not buy what they want, or at least not enough and even if that product would by small amount of people, that bussines could improve their product and it's capabilities that it will have which will lead to more customers more money and more other bussiness chance to produce and sell some other product. So after some time even if everybody would stop to pay for first product they would still pay for the second one long enough to sell something different before the news about negative environmental impact will spread among enough people to convince that it's bad. Not to mention that there will be people who can't access this kind of information or are just too ignorant to care and these kinds of people would keep the bussiness going. Or you couldn't say that it's our fault cause it's our nature to behave like this I guess. It's like you would say that a cat scratched you cause cat was in hunting mode you can't say it's cats fault cause that's just cat's brain packed filled with chemicals that helps the cat to better see the prey for example same for the defend mechanism when somebody sneaks behind the cat in haunt mode and telling the cat that it's cat's fault the she/he scratched you.

  85. OriginalAccount

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    Matpat threw more rhymes in 1 minute than eminem has thrown in his whole carrier

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  87. Animator ist

    Animator ist11 days ago

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    naruto uzumaki reacts12 days ago

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  89. Corbin M

    Corbin M12 days ago

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  99. Stephanie Chamberlin (TwilightNova99)

    Stephanie Chamberlin (TwilightNova99)14 days ago

    Well, not EVERY consumer is that bad. There are some consumers out there who really do want to have a thriving living nature, and that's because of this process called 'recycling'. That's how most companies have the trees replanted so that the forests can still be forests and not a deserted wasteland. However, I still believe that O'hare is a really bad guy. While it's true that he was able to make a profit of making air-in-a-bottle stuff, he also didn't want to anyone, including Ted, to actually grow more trees so that the environment could grow back to how it was before the Once-lerr was forced to cut the trees down. Am I wrong for saying this? If you are, I'm just speaking my opinion here.

  100. Sweaty Baguette

    Sweaty Baguette14 days ago

    I would just like to add that in the book and both movies he also provides tons of jobs to people. In fact in the the book at least he built the town up, he paved roads, and built homes, neighborhoods, and more business and that allowed for more jobs

  101. Chris Corum

    Chris Corum14 days ago

    Very interesting point.

  102. CHARMI P M

    CHARMI P M14 days ago

    Matpad you don't breath 7-8 liters a minute, you breath 5 liters an hour!!!

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  110. Cameron Wolf

    Cameron Wolf15 days ago

    O'Hair wanted to find ways to make the air quality in the town worse that's why he hired the guys giving the presentation "the more smog" bit was the point and the presenters outright states that is the point of the presentation. the guys where hired to make things worse so O'Hair could sell what people could get but would soon need specifically from him. the town is happy because of the fact that the "walls" of the town are a giant ventilation and filtration system that is declared as just a wall. and they only have so much room within this vent system. they can only go up as the population rises. that's why everything is so compact the houses are so tall (and hold several family members in the way they do) why a town so small we literally se all of then in one musical number need a seven story parking lot attached to nothing in the middle of town next to a "beach" that already has a parking lot there is simply no more room and there's nowhere to go. and O'Hair can turn off that vent system at any time because it was built and owned by his company. no mater how you spin it O'Hair is willing to put lives on the line for money he clearly docent need

  111. Xd gaming man

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