Film Theory: Is Wall-E Satan?

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Today Theorists, we are diving into an oldie but a goodie. The classic theory of " Is Wall-E Satan?". I've seen this floating around the internet for a while and was always curious to dip my toes into it and see what I could find to back it up. So that's what I'm going to do! It's time to find out is Wall-E really saved humanity or if he DOOMED them after all!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. DaMemeBoi

    DaMemeBoi17 days ago

    "Is Wall-E Satan?" Is by far the strangest notification I've gotten

  2. CEZIL Calvillo

    CEZIL Calvillo8 days ago

    Mm there’s worse

  3. Ratheartz Gaming

    Ratheartz Gaming16 days ago

    Well congrats on the pin

  4. Bicillenium

    Bicillenium16 days ago


  5. Dr. Dapper

    Dr. Dapper16 days ago


  6. Coasters and Gameing

    Coasters and Gameing16 days ago


  7. Watermelooon Seeds

    Watermelooon Seeds2 hours ago

    You should do a Luca one about how they turn into people on land. Or just any Luca theory in general. Love your stuff, MatPat!

  8. Lucas

    Lucas2 hours ago

    -0.1 to 10M

  9. Cody Adkins

    Cody Adkins2 hours ago

    i know you’ve done a lot of Wall-E but can you do ONE MORE… how are the humans going to survive with the food sources (or lack-there-of) after they arrive to earth? are they able to work and farm as efficiently given their physique and past lifestyle? are they able to gather the seeds? has the rain not become toxic considering the wild change in the earths ecosystem? so many questions

  10. Monio

    Monio3 hours ago


  11. Nora Ocampo

    Nora Ocampo4 hours ago

    Can i ask a question who was created first dinosaurs or humanity?

  12. Tim Edwards

    Tim Edwards5 hours ago

    Now we need the theory that Wall-e is Jesus. He does after all make a blind woman see, and help a crippled man walk. Lets not forget that he comes back to life.

  13. Foxypirate101

    Foxypirate1019 hours ago

    I'll never watch wall e the same ever again.

  14. Silver Summons

    Silver Summons13 hours ago

    For us Christians in the audience this one is just hilarious to watch. Also dang with the 666 thing.

  15. Kasserol Daniels

    Kasserol Daniels14 hours ago

    Theory : the lamborghini guy is satan because hes telling us to choose "knowledge" over "paradise" aka Lamborghini.

  16. Kasserol Daniels

    Kasserol Daniels14 hours ago

    And im not done there, you see based on the video Adam STILL needs to work in paradise and for the Lamborghini you need to maintain it, clean it, and etc. This theory actually makes sense not gonna lie.

  17. Echo

    Echo14 hours ago

    Still love Wall-E. Nothing would ruin it.

  18. Gorose

    Gorose17 hours ago

    I can't keep defending you Matthew.

  19. matsujonen

    matsujonen17 hours ago

    Except Satan is a Christian fan insert to the Bible

  20. OverDawn2000 / Billy

    OverDawn2000 / Billy17 hours ago

    Yesss keep it up with the biblical history and maybe you'll become saved

  21. The doc

    The doc18 hours ago

    I hate you now

  22. G harris

    G harris18 hours ago

    The Bible never specifically said it was an apple that is a common misconception, it only refers to it as the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

  23. GodzillaallizdoG

    GodzillaallizdoG19 hours ago

    Funny, I just watched ‘Little Light Studio’ on this subject. I have to say, YOU did a far better job in describing the details than them. Heck, you actually had me nervous with the ‘666’ part. What I have to say is, it all depends on what the people behind the movie was going for. LLS calls Wall-E Satan based on their viewing in the film, but you called Wall-E Satan in one view and in another Jesus and you were able to back up both views. As for anyone who views something and say it’s evil, be sure you are wise about this. Go over it and check. Even Jesus taught to judge wisely and without being a hypocrite.

  24. Baby citron

    Baby citron19 hours ago

    Game theory: Is Matpat Satan?

  25. Striderpup

    Striderpup20 hours ago

    I’d say it depends on what you define as paradise if Wall-E is Satan or Jesus.


    APATHETIC VIBEr21 hour ago

    This guy just hates wall-Ē


    CREWS FAMILY21 hour ago

    I think Wall-E is the messiah portrayed in revolution. He leads humanity from a life of sin of gluttony and cannibalism to the new eden where man can start a new blissfully ignorant of the past and with no worries but living. Like how Adam and Eve started.

  28. Harrison Skinner

    Harrison Skinner22 hours ago

    So I have read Genesis and the plant isn’t actually the key to knowledge it’s an illusion to get Eve to disobey Gods order. But In Wall-E he gives Eve the plant as a gift because he has a crush on her not because he wants to trick her . And in the movie the earth it nasty and destroyed and they go back to fix it. In the Bible the earth is already perfect and the humans come into the world to mess it up. There are some definite holes in this theort

  29. mpiskoto k

    mpiskoto k22 hours ago

    There are 670 years not 666 years I did math (2775-2105=670)

  30. Andy whiting

    Andy whiting22 hours ago

    I dont thick so wolley is the dood guy

  31. Efrain Le

    Efrain Le23 hours ago

    The wiggly promotion systematically water because chill enthrallingly paddle sans a forgetful catamaran. chivalrous, military horn

  32. MegaDestroyer Plays Roblox

    MegaDestroyer Plays Roblox23 hours ago

    I don't know why everyone refers the to the fruit from the tree of Knowledge as an apple. It only states 'fruit', not 'apple'. For the sake of all that we know, it could have been a banana or an orange.

  33. GodzillaallizdoG

    GodzillaallizdoG18 hours ago

    Maybe the idea gotten adopted from catholic background. Or plays that just go with whatever fruit they have and later trends come up.

  34. ric4397

    ric4397Day ago

    There's actually a tweet by the Church of Satan's twitter with Wall-E in its recommended satanic movies.

  35. Shequille George

    Shequille George4 hours ago

    @GodzillaallizdoG they probably did it because of this video

  36. GodzillaallizdoG

    GodzillaallizdoG18 hours ago

    @Shequille George Me too. They probably did it because of LLS or this video.

  37. Shequille George

    Shequille George23 hours ago

    @ric4397 So is wall-e still satan

  38. ric4397

    ric439723 hours ago

    @Shequille George yep!

  39. Shequille George

    Shequille George23 hours ago

    You get here by little light studios

  40. Antonin Alarcon

    Antonin AlarconDay ago

    The penitent sweatshirt intraspecifically tame because shell undesirably crawl beneath a vivacious session. truthful, hissing tendency

  41. Eunice Claudio

    Eunice ClaudioDay ago

    The panicky handball neurophysiologically drain because stopsign endosonographically frame above a vagabond united kingdom. sick, dynamic makeup

  42. No one

    No oneDay ago

    Next theory could be about a small animated series that was recommended to me called "Fort Wayne" and the creator claims that there's secrets in the series but I just don't know what they are Here's the links to both seasons

  43. Amine Slimani

    Amine SlimaniDay ago

    POV: your the I

  44. RDR_Lilnavybro

    RDR_LilnavybroDay ago

    In case anyone didn't know when God said "ye shall surely die" he meant that you will die spiritually. That's why Adam and Eve didn't drop dead in the garden. This is also why Jesus Christ had to come to earth to save humanity.

  45. Man, Fury's In My Brain!

    Man, Fury's In My Brain!Day ago

    Tbh I learned more from anime and USloft than school

  46. Naseem Ahmed

    Naseem AhmedDay ago

    I new *Hell*o a long time ago.

  47. Zero Glyph

    Zero GlyphDay ago


  48. Perzival 7102

    Perzival 7102Day ago


  49. AllYourPie

    AllYourPieDay ago

    This makes him an antisatan technically. Same basic plot points,but polar opposite morality. The good results he gets display that it is the morality that he has that makes the difference.

  50. RC Gamex

    RC GamexDay ago

    I think what you’ve done here is determine that paradise isn't compatible with human happiness.

  51. Pitso Mokoena

    Pitso MokoenaDay ago

    This theory is literally the plot for "The Good Place". They thought they were in the good place, but...

  52. JEB1923

    JEB1923Day ago

    The Bible never says the fruit was an apple

  53. Dalton Warriner

    Dalton Warriner2 days ago

    So I commented on the last film theory about markipleir doesn’t exit thing he did but I noticed is was kinda like dad because afterwards he acted like it didn’t happen

  54. Colibri Bird

    Colibri Bird2 days ago

    Man Wall-E is Film Theory's fnaf

  55. Aster Playz

    Aster Playz2 days ago


  56. sp3ctr

    sp3ctr2 days ago

    So you’re telling me I have a remote control satan in my closet? Matpat what’re you smoking my guy?

  57. Raditya Ramadhan

    Raditya Ramadhan2 days ago

    "Wall-E is Jesus"

  58. Titnibler 210

    Titnibler 2102 days ago

    Save the girl. Save the world

  59. Raditya Ramadhan

    Raditya Ramadhan2 days ago

    "Don't eat the apple stupid"

  60. Mr Tusk

    Mr Tusk2 days ago

    10:23 Guys MatPat said it he said it.

  61. John Vergel

    John Vergel2 days ago

    Till truth I'm jesus christ king of Kings lord of Kings amen

  62. Alex Chappell

    Alex Chappell2 days ago

    Am I the only one that gets scared by religious stuff? And the imagery?

  63. Dylan Wilson

    Dylan Wilson2 days ago

    How could u do this to Wall-E

  64. Lucia Quinn

    Lucia Quinn2 days ago

    Every utopia is also a dystopia

  65. JJ_ TheGachaTuber ッ

    JJ_ TheGachaTuber ッ2 days ago

    here we go again

  66. Mayhem-&-Ava-Da-Cats

    Mayhem-&-Ava-Da-Cats2 days ago

    How the passengers use the bathroom tho

  67. J S slayer

    J S slayer2 days ago

    Why is there a button to clip this video

  68. Adam And George Do Stuff

    Adam And George Do Stuff2 days ago

    You shouldn't talk that way about Jesus

  69. Michelle so comedy

    Michelle so comedy3 days ago

    Wait If the people come back to earth how would earth be habitable wouldn't they all just die cause the animals have gone extinct. They only had one plant no seeds for other crops. Wouldn't they just die out

  70. Michelle so comedy

    Michelle so comedy3 days ago

    I'm also assuming they don't know they're eating each other so they won't know what to do if they don't have food so I'm thinking they'd just starve.

  71. Caspian Williams

    Caspian Williams3 days ago

    I'm sorry but 72 degrees is not an ideal temperature. Awful theory

  72. Nienke Fleur Luchtmeijer

    Nienke Fleur Luchtmeijer3 days ago

    mini bible theory: (the apple of) knowledge of good and evil represents the gospel, it tells us what is supposedly good and evil. Satan, the representative of evil according to that same gospel, is the one encouraging the innocent/blissfully ignorant to consume the (apple of) knowledge of good and evil, much like clergy, as well as proselytisers, try to encourage people to learn about what is good and evil (according to the gospel) and thus they are perpetuating evil and getting people thrown out of paradise. This warning to Adam and Eve not to consume (the apple of) knowledge of good and evil also serves as a warning to the reader not to read any further, for it will corrupt them and condemn them to a live of misery.

  73. Ghiwa Nakat

    Ghiwa Nakat3 days ago

    Do a theory about rick and Morty where beth s mom soul was fuel for his portal gun

  74. Dank Poster

    Dank Poster3 days ago

    Why can I clip this video?

  75. Saucer Boy

    Saucer Boy3 days ago

    I love this theory!

  76. Brooke Elyse Weldon (BrookieCookie)

    Brooke Elyse Weldon (BrookieCookie)3 days ago

    Honestly this theory really reminds me of paradise lost, literally painting Satan as the victim

  77. Raimondas Venskus

    Raimondas Venskus3 days ago

    665years so your theory wasnt right or i wasnt listening

  78. XD Nodrog

    XD Nodrog3 days ago

    ah yes 133 * 5 is really 666 because that makes perfect mathematical sense.

  79. Bee

    Bee3 days ago

    “Is Wall-E Satan?” Oh boy here we go again

  80. sable 3182

    sable 31823 days ago

    Song theory: where did cotton eye joe come from where did he go

  81. the comander AK

    the comander AK3 days ago

    And there's ppl that imagine god as an angry king , yall soul r boring

  82. Vybes

    Vybes3 days ago

    Film theory: how much money does Lucifer Morningstar have?

  83. gus361

    gus3613 days ago

    For a second there, i thought i was watching a "satan in hollywood" Christian video.

  84. Pathanimation 13

    Pathanimation 134 days ago

    ):( wall.e is a nice robot

  85. Harrison Perks

    Harrison Perks4 days ago

    yeah good theory and all but very offensive to say "creation is a myth" same could be said about your "myth" of evolution, want some sort of clarity on this one matt, not cool bro

  86. iiinLight

    iiinLight4 days ago

    Most rappers use 666 in their songs 🥱

  87. iiinLight

    iiinLight4 days ago

    They usually add numbers to get to six and say those numbers 3 or 4 times like in Michael Jackson’s song 123 well I don’t know the name

  88. Natalie d

    Natalie d4 days ago

    How to stop the mindflayer

  89. BrickFaceStudio

    BrickFaceStudio4 days ago

    12:40 haha ninjago fangpyre staff, i love that

  90. ياسين الجبوري

    ياسين الجبوري4 days ago

    Okay it seems like you're not really getting the story and I can't really let you misunderstand it so here is 2 points that should not be misunderstood about Eve and Adam 1 Eve didn't 'deliver" the apple to adam, they both were tricked by Satan to eat from the one tree the god forbidden them to eat from, and eve just followed Adam 2 Eve is not just a random girl, the story of her is that, Adam the first human AKA the father of humans felt lonely at some point and so god created out of him the first female human, Eve AKA the mother of humans before these two there were no other existence of humans, which is why when they made the mistake of eating from the forbidden tree and sent to earth, all human kind AKA us were sent to the same fate as Adam and Eve But ofcourse that's all on Islam, other religions may have other beliefs, but these are mine and I would really hate to see someone hating on Eve, after all it was the mistake of both of them Hope you understand what I mean :) Oh and by the way the reason of the tree being forbidden to eat from was nothing then an exam, the whole thing of it giving endless knowledge or endless life was all made up by Satan to like I said before trick Eve and Adam

  91. Saul Hernandez

    Saul Hernandez4 days ago

    Anyone else notice the shape that marlin makes when he swims panicked because of the trip to drop-off? Makes a pentagram

  92. Levent Dagtas

    Levent Dagtas4 days ago

    please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

  93. suicidebylifestyle

    suicidebylifestyle4 days ago

    Super curious how it works when you gain ad revenue off a post on reddit, does the OP receive anything for giving you content?

  94. Martha Becker

    Martha Becker4 days ago

    0:07 did you really use the laugh from Jacksons thriller?

  95. Laminator

    Laminator4 days ago

    No.. don’t ruin a my favorite movie character for me ;-;

  96. mega_supersallad06

    mega_supersallad064 days ago

    yo, i need i theory on the polar express, look into the whole weird ghost thing that happens on the train, i need an answer on what was with him, and who he really is. (i mean, i have my theory, that he's a version of our main character that didnt get on the train, who desided to keep himself not believing in santa, or, he is just the main characters nonbelief taken some what of a phisicle form due to the magic of the train)

  97. Max Powers

    Max Powers4 days ago

    The people can't survive without robots taking care of them. They will all die trying to grow pizza plants. They should have stayed on the ship. Starving to death is way worse than being bored on the ship. Besides, the ship had stuff like a pool, meaning they could have still lead more active lives on the ship if they wanted to.

  98. Eden Kaplan

    Eden Kaplan4 days ago

    *clears throat*

  99. NightOwl

    NightOwl4 days ago

    WOW love the theories!

  100. Starr Yagami

    Starr Yagami4 days ago

    I've seen the movie again and the math doesn't add up! 2775-2105 = 670

  101. Plastic person

    Plastic person4 days ago

    It's gonna be one of those days isn't it?

  102. Some guy that’s here

    Some guy that’s here4 days ago

    you doing ok bud?

  103. Dominator 0211

    Dominator 02114 days ago

    Mat: “Is Wall-E satan?” Me: What have you been smoking?

  104. Shequille George

    Shequille GeorgeDay ago

    It have a channel said wall-e is satanic

  105. Shu Kurosawa

    Shu Kurosawa4 days ago

    Well, this raises the question, should Wall-E be allowed in Christian households, yes or no?



    So humanity wants to learn, overcome and help itself..........cou've fooled me! XD

  107. SpectacularKevin

    SpectacularKevin4 days ago

    God is good! Thanks for the exploration of an odd topic. Haha

  108. willaim uriostegui

    willaim uriostegui4 days ago

    FILM theory idea what if the other half got snapped in infinity war?

  109. The Spoiled Texan

    The Spoiled Texan4 days ago

    Careful comparing things to religions you don’t understand that’s not at all what the story of the Garden of Eden is about. 👎 .

  110. private school hater

    private school hater4 days ago

    I've got this notification in class

  111. Dylan C

    Dylan C4 days ago

    Where is the GRUNCLE STAN is BILL CIPHER theory that you mentioned way back

  112. _ BatrixGaming _

    _ BatrixGaming _5 days ago

    Spoiler: Yes but also no because yes

  113. Jesse Kent

    Jesse Kent5 days ago

    Next one: Is WALL-E's clamps actually knives?

  114. swine of a kind gaming

    swine of a kind gaming5 days ago

    Theroy idea: what cartoon network shows are connected through time travel, other universities ect...

  115. Kat Nicole Walker

    Kat Nicole Walker5 days ago

    Hey matpat i have a good video idea for you how about a monster house theory