Film Theory: Titanic is about Time Travel... No REALLY!

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Titanic is a movie that has stood the test of time... and has one of the BIGGEST unanswered questions of any movie. No, I don't mean could they both fit on the door if Rose had just moved over a little. I mean the question is Jack a time traveler sent to make sure the Titanic sinks? Yes, that age old question. Well Theorists, today we are going to answer that once and for all!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Alli JC Nolan

    Alli JC NolanHour ago

    3AM version of info graphic show

  2. Blessed_ Fries

    Blessed_ Fries3 hours ago

    I can add more to this in movies or TV shows if you freeze yourself you go to the past/future

  3. Florephine Mendoza

    Florephine Mendoza4 hours ago

    Fun fact: The titanic never sank Another boat look like tinanic sank called the olimpic the creator of the boat sank it purposly because they can make money from it...

  4. Ethan Charles

    Ethan Charles5 hours ago


  5. clement john

    clement john6 hours ago

    Actually a channel called KMACK TIME already said these exact details about this time travel theory about 6 years ago

  6. Zoe kim Ackermen

    Zoe kim Ackermen7 hours ago

    Hey Matpat, what do you think of the "titanic wasn't actually the titanic, it was the Olympic"? Ps, if you don't know what that is about, I'll happily explain it to you.

  7. iwatch videos

    iwatch videos11 hours ago



    NOBODY KNOWS11 hours ago

    #titanic #timetravel #tatanicmovie

  9. Michael Dettore

    Michael Dettore14 hours ago

    When he kisses her hand he says "i saw that in a Nickelodeon once, always wanted to do it" always thought that line was a mess up. Makes me wonder

  10. Oskar Lopez

    Oskar Lopez15 hours ago

    I heard about this event in my 8th grade history class we learned about this ship and how the Germans sunk it with submarines because they thought this ship going from the U.S. to the UK was a weapon trade ship

  11. AydenTheBest

    AydenTheBest15 hours ago

    The reason Jack died is because he was supposed to make Rose feel better about herself because she didn’t like being rich. That’s all that Jacks purpose was so that’s why they killed him at the end of the movie.

  12. Tony Hou

    Tony Hou16 hours ago

    However, if you do travel back in time, no matter what you do, you will be trapped in an infinite time loop.

  13. The Jon Brown Show

    The Jon Brown Show20 hours ago

    So did jack actually die or, when he sank deep enough, he just peaced out of that time period?

  14. PullupSeattle 2.0

    PullupSeattle 2.0Day ago

    I remember being in 7th grade, probably. Every girl was in a “Ive seen it __ times” competition. I remember one girl was so proud to proclaim “ I’ve seen it 11 times.” At the movie theater! It stuck with me because I thought, “she’s rich.” We only went to the dollar Movies on Wednesday. That was .50 cent movie showings.

  15. Phantom

    PhantomDay ago

    even simpler answer: this movie was made people in the 90's who couldn't use the internet to fact check.

  16. Doug

    DougDay ago

    Anyone else noticed the BF1 footage?


    WATERPROOF YT💧💦🌊Day ago

    Dis guy has a smarter Dan my history teacher,lol

  18. Pumpkin

    PumpkinDay ago

    So jack is secretly the villain of this movie?

  19. Adri Leemput

    Adri LeemputDay ago

    I mean, with the budget of the movie, it is very implausible that they didn't do their research

  20. CozyxCloud

    CozyxCloudDay ago

    mind. blown.

  21. FifaMaster7922

    FifaMaster7922Day ago

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  22. Ostler Gene

    Ostler Gene2 days ago

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  23. Jody Robinson

    Jody Robinson2 days ago

    Brittanic also got totpetoed

  24. Gina fromCologne

    Gina fromCologne2 days ago

    You should write a letter to James Cameron and ask him. His reply would be interesting!

  25. Ethan French

    Ethan French2 days ago

    “The ruthless calculus of war. Ten billion people over there die so twenty billion over here can live.”

  26. Elijah Yen

    Elijah Yen2 days ago

    There was actually a conspiracy theory that the sunken ship, Titanic was actually an Olympic. Is that true?

  27. Hans

    Hans2 days ago

    Both Titanic and olympic are different

  28. nungubi canubgar

    nungubi canubgar2 days ago

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  29. Aaronious Airlines

    Aaronious Airlines2 days ago

    Theory: Rose was also a time traveler, but she traveled back before the war started. Before Jack stopped her, she tried to save the Titanic & even got engaged to a complete moosebag to make her sacrifice easier.

  30. pogchamp

    pogchamp2 days ago

    but how did jack know the iceberg was going to be there to sink th ship

  31. Special Order 937

    Special Order 9372 days ago

    GREAT SCOTT!!! This is heavy!

  32. Jasmin ava

    Jasmin ava2 days ago

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  33. Noob Playsz

    Noob Playsz3 days ago


  34. Happy Route

    Happy Route3 days ago

    How did jack know the ship would hit an iceberg?

  35. pogchamp

    pogchamp2 days ago

    this is what i was thinking

  36. Alejandro Vallencci

    Alejandro Vallencci3 days ago

    I just want to ask how much weed MatPat smoked before making this video

  37. AAFamily99 99

    AAFamily99 993 days ago

    To jump a timeline you create an exact copy of yourself and your body where you are dies... for example if i was in new york in 1980 and time travelled to today in 2021 my old body in 1980 would just drop dead on the spot

  38. Irving Wiley

    Irving Wiley3 days ago

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  39. james huford

    james huford3 days ago

    Titanic the movie is about a coverup .... but you empty balloons can't critically think for 2 seconds

  40. moon gamer

    moon gamer3 days ago

    Ummm mat I think you're losing it

  41. rexy

    rexy3 days ago

    The real reason jack time traveled to save John Conner, and he went to the wrong year

  42. Blobs wai

    Blobs wai3 days ago

    this a far leap

  43. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    Leonardo (Jack) probably said at a lake with soda but messed up the line a bit.

  44. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    Matt Pat: maybe he sacrificed 1300 lives to save a million. Me: sounds kinda like Stein's Gate. This man's been watching some anime I think.

  45. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    Additionally they are in freezing waters I'm sure they wouldn't search even if it was standard procedure because by the time they've turned around to look for her she'd likely be dead. They might have searched if it were a man considering the time period and how lowly they valued women back then

  46. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    Also yeah sure someone cares about Rose enough to report that she's missing if Jack wasn't there.

  47. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    Matt Pat has gone too far this time even if it's a fictional movie isn't still a bit wrong to y'know theorize about one of the characters causing the Titanic to sink. It not an okay thing to do.

  48. tommykazoo

    tommykazoo3 days ago

    How do you unsub from someone you're not even subscribed to?

  49. Deathdolls

    Deathdolls3 days ago

    “The worst human being” me, having a crush on him: oh

  50. Levent Dagtas

    Levent Dagtas4 days ago

    please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

  51. Murgisan Moglai

    Murgisan Moglai4 days ago

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  52. Univerchizelz

    Univerchizelz4 days ago

    It’s like I know this episode is definitely BS, but I can’t find any way of proving him wrong lmao

  53. GYPZY danger

    GYPZY danger4 days ago

    I believe you.😬

  54. Connor Taylor

    Connor Taylor4 days ago

    So Madara was right, for one to survive another has to be sacrificed

  55. Marcus StaAna

    Marcus StaAna4 days ago

    I have a theory: In Family Guy, Stewie travelled back in time to save Brian from being hit by a car while the other Stewie was getting something inside the house. When he finally saved Brian from not dying, the past was altered, meaning time traveller Stewie's timeline has been erased, thus he vanished, fading away like thin air. What if Jack intentionally wants to die by drowning, because he knows he's not gonna be around for long, he ain't existing, his timeline ain't existing as well. That's why he drown himself in the ocean to not give Rose any idea that he's some sort of magical, supernatural person/time traveler, because if he vanished out of thin air, or vanished in fading particles, Rose would be curious, and it would give her ideas that Jack is a person out of the ordinary, and she'll probably be thinking he's some sort of time traveler. So the only logical way Jack concluded, is that at the time his timeline would be erased, he didn't stay at the piece of debris Rose was laying into. Making him die of natural causes and eventually drowning, and not existing anymore, no body, no nothing, because his universe's timeline got altered. This is just a theory, I can't say for sure why he didn't already vanish from existence when his goal has finally been completed (sinking the Titanic). But hey that's just a theory, a film theory, and cut!

  56. Juan Baldazo

    Juan Baldazo4 days ago

    Yeah boy

  57. Pinniped productions

    Pinniped productions4 days ago

    “What if he sacrificed 1500 lives for 1 million plus lives” yep if Leonardo DiCaprio never became famous 1 million people would die

  58. Pinniped productions

    Pinniped productions4 days ago

    12:33 I forgot what this video was about

  59. Ethan Forsyth

    Ethan Forsyth5 days ago

    No REALLY!

  60. Ming Fan Zhang

    Ming Fan Zhang5 days ago


  61. Paloma

    Paloma5 days ago

    This is probably another historically inaccurate historical movie

  62. Luis Silva

    Luis Silva5 days ago

    The backpack and the lake name, its safe to say are the result of lazy writing, or at least the writers and costume designers failed to take into account how closely some people would be looking into the background minutia, scrutinizing over details that were never important enough to worry about, given the success of this movie, even with these blunders. Forgetting that for a moment, what undeniably kills your theory outright is actually exceeding simple. You theorize that Jack may have gone backwards in time from a timeline in which the Titanic was sunk by a German torpedo pulling the U.S. into W.W.I. early and suffering far more casualties. If jack were from such a timeline, he could not possibly know the events of any alternate timeline and thus he could not know that preventing the Germans from sinking Titanic would make things better. If he somehow did, why not prevent it another way? Why sink it, and with so many souls aboard? Following the same logic, if he somehow determined that he had to sink it on its maiden voyage, he could not possibly know that saving Rose would achieve this goal. Now just for funzies, your theory could be improved by suggesting that a time traveler prevented the historic tragedy of the Titanic sinking, causing this unforeseen damage to the timeline, and then Jack was dispatched back from the newly created timeline's future (after somehow determining when and where to be). Moments after the first traveler (somehow) completes his mission, both time travelers aboard Titanic (somehow) meet and (somehow) identify each other, communicating about their respective timelines in detail and then (somehow) the first traveler dies or disappears leaving only Jack to save Rose, sink Titanic, die himself (for reasons that remain unclear), and buy the country a few more years of preparedness to restore the original timeline.

  63. Taylor Smith

    Taylor Smith5 days ago

    Video 5 of binging theory channels while drinking diet coke

  64. Galina Boynes

    Galina Boynes5 days ago

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  65. Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness

    Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness5 days ago

    he still isn't over 10m lmao

  66. Gajshhs Hahahdh

    Gajshhs Hahahdh5 days ago

    But wait if the butterfly effect of her dying causes 1 million lives and potentially the progression of modern us technology how did that timeline build a time machine it must’ve been from centuries ahead for them to invent the time machine

  67. Alaska M. Young

    Alaska M. Young5 days ago

    Super late but wasn’t this the plot of a supernatural episode?

  68. masterofmythology

    masterofmythology5 days ago

    Couldn't it also have been a stable time loop? Somewhere in the future Jack is sent back in time to save Rose on the Titanic, because historical records say that a man named Jack Dawson saves a Rose DeWitt Bukater, who then changes her name to Rose Dawson. Thus history plays out as it always did.

  69. 06yarbrougha

    06yarbrougha5 days ago

    Lol thinking about the Titanic movie flashed me back to 3rd grade music class with (probably gonna misspell this) Mr Cianflone [CHE-an-flo-nee]. He always used current music to keep our interest: Lion King, movies, we even had a bit of a boy-band thing going with our male students all dividing and each group covering the current leaders (at that point, BSB vs N*Sync. I was our team's Nick Carter XD)... BUT returning to the point, this was the song he used to see who REALLY learned how to play the recorder. I could do the whole song until the crescendo, I was never good enough to hit that note on a recorder, but my uncle did get me an Irish tin-fife that I figured out how to finish the song on... using the intended instrument, who knew Xp

  70. Shalysta

    Shalysta5 days ago

    I believe time travel is real and jack was a real person and that jack is actually alive and created the movie

  71. Shalysta

    Shalysta5 days ago

    No wonder I thought Jack was cute

  72. Leonardo Somma

    Leonardo Somma5 days ago

    The man has lost his mind.... AND IT'S CONTAGIOUS!!!!! I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!

  73. TheGamingShark

    TheGamingShark6 days ago

    Based on a true story Mat pat: TIME TRAVEL

  74. Cerebro

    Cerebro2 days ago

    Are you trying to say that time travel is not real? Then can you explain how did the Titanic sank and USA won first world war in a 15 minutes video? Mat's explaination is the only explanation that makes sense. 😂

  75. Magnea þórey

    Magnea þórey6 days ago

    but what if he decided to save Rose instead of all those people was because she was the love of his life then he dies because he discovers that if he jumps on the float thingy they would drown because they are to heavy together

  76. Leo Jackson

    Leo Jackson6 days ago

    Spot on theory! I just have one question. Would the USA really, send such a big PASSENGER ship in war zone?

  77. Reader

    Reader6 days ago

    Evidence can ve Broken by saying writers Mistake.

  78. TheChoosenOne

    TheChoosenOne6 days ago

    Most Cap Video Ever

  79. Eric Simmons

    Eric Simmons7 days ago

    Because his name is Joseph Dawson not Jack

  80. Roseanne Bobe

    Roseanne Bobe7 days ago

    wrong, the movie wasnt made during 1912 it was made after they found the titanic shipwreck

  81. izanka dewshan

    izanka dewshan7 days ago

    why would someone really go back in time to just make sure things instead of changing something?

  82. •FanTastic•

    •FanTastic•7 days ago

    but what if Titanic did like Olympic did, that is surviving a world war?? I know she could be scrapped but that would save WSL from bankruptcy and so on.. but what happened to the lives of that time if Titanic never sanked but does like Olympic?

  83. Starclonser (StarClonser)

    Starclonser (StarClonser)7 days ago

    13:23 is my favourite part. I am Bulgarian

  84. bg sw

    bg sw7 days ago

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  85. EthanGBB (EthanGBB)

    EthanGBB (EthanGBB)8 days ago

    11:47 Yeah, I think I would also be afraid if a submarine summoned a large hand and pulled out a gun

  86. Chandan Agarwal

    Chandan Agarwal8 days ago

    Its 2021

  87. total-drink 6

    total-drink 68 days ago

    When I saw the title I was like HUH

  88. BIazeGod

    BIazeGod8 days ago

    Not sure if many other people know or remember this, but the very first comment on this video was the lyrics to never gonna give you up.

  89. Zach_Xmddd

    Zach_Xmddd8 days ago

    13: 28 yep 140,000 x 20 definitely equals 13,000,000

  90. scourge scourge

    scourge scourge8 days ago

    What if he time traveled because he lived in that alternate timeline were the u.s joined world 1 much sooner and over A million lives were lost

  91. Eliot Bell

    Eliot Bell8 days ago

    everyone gangsta until film theory hits unreal 1 9.87 million subs

  92. rnimmo 89

    rnimmo 898 days ago

    Interesting theory with one would Jack have known that the Titanic staying on course would sink? If it never happened in his alternate reality, that’d be quite a stretch, especially with how hard an iceberg would’ve been to hit if they’re moving...

  93. SWolfmoon

    SWolfmoon8 days ago

    Okay so, showing my age here, but Titanic came out in 1997, which I saw in theaters no less than 5 times. I was kinda obsessed with it, being a teenage girl and all. I even dressed up as Rose for my Junior Prom in 1998, and graduated from high school in 1999. I've actually not seen in in over a decade, but I kinda wore myself out of it by seeing it so many times when I was younger...and I totally love this theory. Makes the movie worth watching again imho.

  94. The gaming Rex With his buddy toast

    The gaming Rex With his buddy toast9 days ago

    I stand corrected

  95. The gaming Rex With his buddy toast

    The gaming Rex With his buddy toast9 days ago

    Dude it’s a movie that’s probably what they said in the movie but not in real life I doubt it I don’t think they could catch everything they said

  96. Existing is my Purpose

    Existing is my Purpose9 days ago

    So... Your country left my country (England) on its own for an entire year fighting the German forces. Great job America

  97. Demonic Cat

    Demonic Cat9 days ago

    The iceberg is bullied… it was just chillin and then it was hit by a ship

  98. Leonardo Somma

    Leonardo Somma9 days ago

    Forgot to mention if all the people on the iceberg survived your great grandma or grandpa may have married someone else or died in the world wars(along with so many other "saved" lives) making the population and genetics of a lot of people today very different

  99. amit dwary

    amit dwary9 days ago

    When matpat realises that the maine did not sink because of the Spanish.

  100. TheHulk Yt

    TheHulk Yt9 days ago

    everyone wanted climate change then

  101. Cassius R

    Cassius R9 days ago

    I think you're the time traveller...

  102. simgufu tocente

    simgufu tocente9 days ago

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  103. Alena 1018

    Alena 10189 days ago


  104. zalman zirkind

    zalman zirkind9 days ago

    The problem with this is since jack dies when he travels it effect his timeline and the timeline of others

  105. William Edwards

    William Edwards9 days ago

    My favorite theory

  106. Gamepro 01

    Gamepro 019 days ago

    Plot twist jack just time travelled to after global warming warmed the ocean enough to survive

  107. Colefinney 1234

    Colefinney 123410 days ago

    Maby they did not look up the dates on stuff