Film Theory: Star Wars, How The Mandalorian PROVES the Empire was Right!

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With the return of The Mandalorian season 2 to Disney+, I felt it was about time to also return to a Star Wars theory. In a previous theory, I talked about how the Jedi could be construed as an 'evil' order. Today, I'm taking that kind of idea and flipping it to talk about the Empire itself! I think The Mandalorian provides us with even more clues that the Empire may not be as wrong in it's philosophy as we thought! How? Why? Well Theorists, make sure you Baby Yoda is somewhere safe because this is about to take a turn to the dark side...

0:38 - This is referencing two different studies citing two different percentages. It is not between 31% and 58%, it is both 31% and 58% percent results from the two studies.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. TheLytz

    TheLytz2 hours ago

    I have one word to debunk the idea that the Empire isn't that evil "Kashyyk"

  2. Behold The King Slimy The Slime

    Behold The King Slimy The Slime3 hours ago

    Omg 9.9 m subs almost there

  3. Frederick Felt

    Frederick Felt13 hours ago

    The thing is, people like republic soldiers said the republic outlawed slavery and yet in episode 1 we see anakin living in slavery during the rule of the republic

  4. L A animals

    L A animals17 hours ago

    Unfortunately I can’t agree with you... because I love the Star Wars series and I can’t deal with more bad things about it

  5. James Shearer

    James Shearer17 hours ago

    This ante no theory it's a fact

  6. Adam Teeple

    Adam TeepleDay ago

    Jedi are Al Qaeda

  7. Kool Kubes

    Kool KubesDay ago

    I don’t really watch Star Wars ( only seen like one movie) so my head hurts after watching this

  8. Rasmus Bang Petersen

    Rasmus Bang PetersenDay ago

    13:39 fun fact: ET comes from the star wars galaksi

  9. _Noeru_

    _Noeru_Day ago

    The Prequel Saga was supposed to be the time where the Jedi order was at its worst

  10. Spartsonn

    SpartsonnDay ago

    let’s not forget operation cinder, this was just a way of palpatine saying “if I can’t have it then nobody can”

  11. Max Richards (Maxiz60)

    Max Richards (Maxiz60)2 days ago

    Clearly matpat has never seen rebels

  12. K G

    K G2 days ago

    I knew the Jedi in the prequels were questionable but the dark side ain’t as good either

  13. Can O'Beans

    Can O'Beans3 days ago

    Honestly, if the New Republic had just adopted this idea of regional governors that are overseen by actually democratically elected officials rather a dictator, the system would've been so much better.

  14. Pablo Blanco

    Pablo Blanco3 days ago


  15. Levent Dagtas

    Levent Dagtas4 days ago

    please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

  16. イルマン

    イルマン4 days ago

    This video is brought to you by The Galactic Empire

  17. Eduardo Almanza

    Eduardo Almanza4 days ago

    "In war both side think there right" Just a quote i heard one day and its true

  18. уронить

    уронить5 days ago

    5:35 America in 1776 watched this and said “hold my freedom ale”

  19. Katy L

    Katy L5 days ago

    Film theorist, you should do a video about how Darth jar jar is actually jar jar binks

  20. Michael Fossile

    Michael Fossile5 days ago


  21. New Holland modding /gaming and toy time p

    New Holland modding /gaming and toy time p5 days ago

    The Empire were the good guys They were trying to reunited the galaxy

  22. Goodbye :)

    Goodbye :)6 days ago

    4.6k Jedi scum disliked this

  23. MrJ567

    MrJ5676 days ago

    "The Empire may be autocratic and heavy-handed in enforcing the law, but they keep the transports running." -Some dude in the Empire.

  24. Evantures - (Evantures)

    Evantures - (Evantures)6 days ago

    Bro the empire had loads of slaves and didn't stop crime, they only stopped crime that was inconvenient. They also drained planets of their resources so that they were inhospitable. I get what you're saying but they were much more evil then you give them credit for

  25. Scrappy The Mechanic

    Scrappy The Mechanic6 days ago

    Quick detail: the Death Star when it destroys a planet reduces it to DUST. Whereas Starkiller Base cracks planets. It shatters them. Almost like it trades destructive power for destructive range

  26. Another One

    Another One7 days ago

    If anyone is shooting lighting from their fingers it's Biden

  27. Marx Jester

    Marx Jester7 days ago

    Matpat: “The Empire is not that bad.” Palpatine: *Kidnaps children in an attempt to create child soldiers, kills people who outlived thier usefulness, puppeteered the entire galaxy into a civil war, usurped his way into power, put Jar Jar Binks in a position of power, dismantled the senate, made non-human species be considered inferior to humans, let slavery and criminal organizations go unchecked, and even had entire planets destroyed because they didn’t bow to his will*

  28. Avaint TF

    Avaint TF7 days ago

    Uh about the thing for independent contractors on the Death Star, not true, that thing was under wraps.

  29. WolfLikesPizza 1

    WolfLikesPizza 17 days ago

    The president could secretly be Illuminati.... oh no a accident happen and Matt died

  30. David Emmet

    David Emmet7 days ago

    I look forward to the next video where the film theorist rationalizes the Nazis and the Khmer rouge from the comfort of his parents basement.

  31. David Emmet

    David Emmet7 days ago

    @King Orange happy to clear it up for you

  32. King Orange

    King Orange7 days ago

    @David Emmet I see

  33. David Emmet

    David Emmet7 days ago

    @King Orange It is implied that we are mistakenly viewing the world in a binary way, in terns of good and evil. I wanted to see what they would come up with for these scenarios.

  34. King Orange

    King Orange7 days ago


  35. David Emmet

    David Emmet7 days ago


  36. Foothead

    Foothead8 days ago

    Ah yes first order troops in a vid about the empire 5:56

  37. Shawn McDowell

    Shawn McDowell8 days ago

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  38. CreativeCreeper

    CreativeCreeper8 days ago

    You got to think though, the empire was trying to rule with fear

  39. King Orange

    King Orange8 days ago

    Every government to an extent rules through fear. Fear of consequences is why most laws are followed

  40. glados glados

    glados glados9 days ago

    So what you're saying is...the new republic is the UN

  41. David Pelky

    David Pelky9 days ago

    The tart gender clasically stamp because march strikingly buzz midst a squalid sleep. gigantic, devilish harp

  42. Noregian Tobz

    Noregian Tobz9 days ago

    The empire is the embodiment of peace. You cant have freedom and peace

  43. Jfm 21

    Jfm 219 days ago

    when i was a kid i was given a choice to pick a jedi or a stormtrooper i somehow chose the stormtrooper

  44. Jeremie BP

    Jeremie BP9 days ago

    Does the military use independent contractors to build secret weapons which they designed themselves?

  45. Wolverine 1985

    Wolverine 19859 days ago

    10:48 nein

  46. BulletBill#0682

    BulletBill#06829 days ago

    Honestly he is pretty much right

  47. Francisco Correa

    Francisco Correa9 days ago

    There are probably empyreal loyal tourists AND maintenance workers on the death star when it exploded plus the food service workers in the cafeteria and other stuff like that

  48. Rowe Ozzie

    Rowe Ozzie9 days ago

    The windy bestseller greely punch because granddaughter likely tug at a nasty chance. decorous, uncovered cooking


    THE GREAT GAURDIAN10 days ago

    You're not alone brother I feel you there

  50. Leon BP

    Leon BP10 days ago

    This sounds like the roman empire and roman republic

  51. Choong Chee Wai

    Choong Chee Wai10 days ago

    yeah biggest crime of the empire imo was the extreme xenophobia they had. Man thw way they treated the wookies just werent right.

  52. Clon tropur

    Clon tropur10 days ago

    When you eliminate crime and rebellion on aldeeran by eliminating aldeeran: p e e c e


    ZB GENIUS11 days ago

    The empire was open to slavery they took over the Wookiee’s home planet and turned them all into slaves They were also openly racist anti alien

  54. King Orange

    King Orange8 days ago

    @ZB GENIUS I mean it was for some people. Problem was it was for specific people


    ZB GENIUS8 days ago

    @King Orange I know but mat pat said it was great to live under the empire

  56. King Orange

    King Orange8 days ago

    @ZB GENIUS I never said they were, they are like every government highly flawed


    ZB GENIUS8 days ago

    @King Orange the republic was anti slavery


    ZB GENIUS8 days ago

    @King Orange the empire aren’t the good guys

  59. William Egby

    William Egby11 days ago

    I will never look at starwars the same again.

  60. okami

    okami11 days ago

    Also the empire was a voted by the senate to be a legality military and government

  61. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader12 days ago

    That’s why I hate rebels they are fools

  62. Red Papa

    Red Papa12 days ago

    This is a good Theory if anything it definitely proves reason why the Jedi can never maintain peace is they're deny their emotions kind of hard to rule over people and guide them if you don't have a capability of relating to them

  63. Bad Beard Bill

    Bad Beard Bill12 days ago

    The Republic was an empire long before it became the Empire

  64. Grand moff Tarkin

    Grand moff Tarkin12 days ago

    Well I could argue as well for the empire But I would be a bit biased

  65. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon13 days ago

    The new republic and the jedi are horrible

  66. mike kirk

    mike kirk13 days ago

    The empire was great ... if you were human lol.

  67. G4T0R4D3_ M4N (Mini_spinin_crewmate)

    G4T0R4D3_ M4N (Mini_spinin_crewmate)13 days ago

    Not gonna lie. The "heroes" kinda sound like WW2 nazis

  68. ph34r inovade

    ph34r inovade13 days ago

    idk if this is parody or not, still funny though but all the theory can be refuted by simple sentences human history are ALWAYS with war and violence, there's no literal good and evil, it's just whose side are you on. and goverment after so long will be wane and decayed no matter what kind of government they use, it's just a matter on how long. it's always "sounds sweet" on the first few year, but not really... and i'm not kidding, i just compare it with real life history and todays goverments

  69. ph34r inovade

    ph34r inovade13 days ago

    lol, that's actual real life story though and to say thousand of those kids whicked away from parent to "school" and getting evil are 1 in a million

  70. Jersey Bound

    Jersey Bound14 days ago

    Also classic symptoms of hitting puberty. its why he had such a hard on for padme she was literally other than his mother the only other woman figure in his life other than other Jedi. I mean yeah hes a little older than puberty but at the same time he never got to go through it properly which can cause situations within people to cause of the hormone imbalance they have.

  71. bigdoubleu117

    bigdoubleu11714 days ago

    Umm, pretty sure you forgot the part that in Legends and Disney Fan Fiction, The Empire reinstated slavery. Pretty sure that's not good for the average citizen living under their rule. Something the Republic never did. And at least when the Jedi took Younglings it was with their parents approval instead of the First Order who probably just kidnapped them.

  72. King Orange

    King Orange8 days ago

    Some children taken by the Jedi did not have parent approval, also to note that the Empire’s slavery was mainly directed at those committing crimes against it which effectively makes it a more harsh community service

  73. Zachary Pinto

    Zachary Pinto15 days ago

    and thats why i love clone wars

  74. The Rider

    The Rider15 days ago

    Okay look; Matpatt clearly doesn't understand how Jedi recruitment works. The Jedi don't just randomly pick up random kids away from their parents, they only take the children that have a sense of force in them. Not everyone can become a Jedi. AND if those baby Jedis are left loose then they can and will end up misusing and ABUSING their power. So, mat pat, stop ruining our childhoods and supporting the villains. I swear if this guy ever made a video on monster hunter it will be that the hunters are evil bla bla bla bla the monsters are innocent BLA BLA BLA.

  75. Miles Prower

    Miles Prower15 days ago

    Bruh what about the wookies? You can see what the empire is doing to their homeworld in ‘jedi: fallen order’. They’re enslaving the wookies and spreading them accross the galaxy, while they are extracting the recourses, destroying the forest, polluting the planet, and killing indegenous wildlife. Although besides this mistake you still made an entertaining video.

  76. Arty

    Arty15 days ago

    I just want to clarify the claim "improves for everyone". Empire was literally a fascist organization with a racial system involved, where humans were at the top, with human-like species below them, with every species more and more different than humans treated even worst. The empire had a slavery system, with many members of some species such as Twi'leks sold into slavery, and even the entire species such as Geonosians or Talz outright classified as slave species by the empire itself, with members of its species living free outside of their home planets, even before the Empire, being classified as escaped slaves. Also, the Empire had literally committed genocides, on species like Lasats or Geonosians. Plus, the empire had no problem in pushing people into poverty by confiscating their lands and possessions for personal benefits, as well as destroying entire planets' ecosystems and economies, just punish them, for having rebels operating on them. For example, before the battle of Yavin, the empire had burned the surface of the Lothal, basically destroying the entire food production on the planet, just to punish it for the rebel activity in the region. Living under the empire was good, but only if you were a rich human on the top level of Coruscant


    EEVEE MASTER16 days ago

    Palpatine wanted control You can't be in control unless your IN CONTROL

  78. Rusty Long

    Rusty Long16 days ago

    FYI Tatooine was not under the control of the empire. it was under control of the Hutts. Also after the demise of the empire the galactic republic decided to let systems police themselves considering this to be true freedom for each system. the galactic republic only stepped in upon request. Also the sequel trilogy sucked, thanks for giving it more reason it sucked.

  79. E28 Source

    E28 Source16 days ago


  80. K O

    K O16 days ago

    This is just empire propaganda

  81. That One Train Guy

    That One Train Guy16 days ago

    But man I ain't no big Star wars fan but didn't they quite literally enslave different species just for being a non-human race seems like they're the bad guys here not going to lie not to mention the multiple genocides I'm pretty sure the Empire is actually worse than the Republic

  82. Ya_boi_scout_wheezeing

    Ya_boi_scout_wheezeing17 days ago

    Matpat: *Makes video about how the empire wasn't that bad* The Republic: "Are we the baddies?"

  83. Tabby3456

    Tabby345617 days ago

    I like how this video undermines that Star Wars is a universe in which "The Force" Has made everyone that is force-sensitive and intelligent. To bow down to the force and that if you use the force negatively, it can corrupt others and the self. The Jedi are not evil, It is only when a force sensitive becomes corrupt and seek to change reality because it does not conform to there wishes. Causing Oppression and suffering, and we all know what started suffering, Fear. In the World of Star Wars, Being Human is the original sin, because of our ability to recognize our environment and our ability to creating change. When Matpat mentioned a scene where the client mentioned that because of the fall of the empire, negative things are happening but if you payed attention in history class about reconstruction, it tends to be difficult and chaotic at first. Its similar to how a kid creates a mess and then puts the responsiblility on another and the moment a second has passed, they point and say "See, hes hasn't cleaned it, hes bad at it"

  84. Kyle

    Kyle17 days ago

    All hail Emperor Palpatine!!!

  85. I Am Aidan Smith

    I Am Aidan Smith17 days ago

    Also what people don’t get in the republic citizens don’t vote senators do and people don’t elect senators its like an oligarchy the empire is more free

  86. Manateeface297

    Manateeface29718 days ago

    Fun fact: The empire did not at all care about stopping slavery, they were all about slavery, ever wondered how they were able to make the Death Star?

  87. King Orange

    King Orange17 days ago

    Slavery against those that actively committed treason and payed their time no different than a prison

  88. Longplay Legends

    Longplay Legends18 days ago

    The Jedis were violent religious zealots! Darth Vader gave up everything to fight for peace in the end, and even as a disabled veteran, he continued to serve the cause! Then, those pesky rebels REFUSED to allow proper order in a chaotic galaxy... LMAO but seriously, we REALLY need a Kobra Kai equivalent for Star Wars. Maybe much like how while Thanos is a psycho, he's not "the bad guy" either, assuming his plan was viable (other than that he wanted to play god). It would be an interesting twist.

  89. Rusty M. Shackelford

    Rusty M. Shackelford18 days ago

    The Resistance is actually supposedly separate from The New Republic. Mainly a COIN force created by The New Republic to combat The First Order.

  90. Curtis G

    Curtis G19 days ago

    Is it just me or the empire views that were explained are fairly similar to communism

  91. Rusty M. Shackelford

    Rusty M. Shackelford19 days ago

    Grand Moff Tarkin Did Nothing Wrong! (Note to Remotecom: just saying a meme - I'm sure Grand Moff Tarkin is evil). 😎😎😎

  92. Judah Beyda

    Judah Beyda19 days ago

    I've always thought this

  93. Joe Felix

    Joe Felix19 days ago

    So basically the Empire is the US and the galaxy is The Middle East?

  94. Incredibly Stoned

    Incredibly Stoned20 days ago

    There is so many wrong small details

  95. Alfred Roman

    Alfred Roman20 days ago

    I think I found out who the true villains of the Star Wars universe are: It's the criminals of the galaxy. There is a lot of evidence in the prequels as well as Mandalorian that shows how a strong government can keep the scum of the universe in check. What the Republic failed, the Empire picked up; or is the Empire right in the first place. Why should I trust a government that cares about the welfare of it's own worlds (Republic)? And why should I trust a government that sweeps everything under the stars (Empire)? The evidence comes from the prequels; mainly Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation (Separatists) and Jabba the Hut (especially Jabba the Hut). Is Nute Gunray really innocent or just a pawn in a Sith Lord's plans? Why is Jabba the Hut hanging out in his palace while the Empire patrols the streets of Mos Esley? I think if the galaxy is going to continue, both the Republic and Empire should concede and concede NOW! Their endless war is making things worse for everyone. This needs to be looked into and studied. Look at the films and series with the objective eye that the scum of the galaxy are the real villains and not the Empire or Republic (as much as the Republic claims they are virtue (as empty as that is)). I want to see what you think MatPat in the next Star Wars film theory.

  96. joe

    joe20 days ago

    so basically the rupublic were a monarchy and the empire were basically communists..... i dunno if i would call that right....

  97. MrBacon (MrFlameBacon)

    MrBacon (MrFlameBacon)20 days ago

    I knew the dark side gave cookies

  98. Revolutionaries Of Freedom

    Revolutionaries Of Freedom20 days ago

    Dictatorship is evil even if the regime tried to do good thing... Because dictatorship will always be evil cuz it will one day abuse of his powers...

  99. David Archbold

    David Archbold20 days ago

    So, Tarkin was an American: prospering at the expense of the powerless

  100. vance hooper

    vance hooper20 days ago

    I never watched Star Wars but I watched the mandoloran and it was great

  101. Brad

    Brad20 days ago

    Sounds like the downfall of Rome.

  102. TaterTOTS

    TaterTOTS21 day ago

    Yo dudes the empire is pretty chill so maybe you could like join it

  103. James Reid

    James Reid22 days ago

    Didn't the empire enslave the wookies.

  104. Steve Goodson

    Steve Goodson22 days ago

    Pretty sure that was just Herzog talking out of character, but if that 'death and chaos' line was in the script, no-one could deliver it with more conviction.

  105. Ericson91

    Ericson9123 days ago

    Where to start correcting this..... I get the point that in war both sides get their hands dirty..... But that's probably the only part of this video I agree with... Granted this is the first time I'm watching one of these videos in years... Vikings ruined this theorist

  106. Eka

    Eka23 days ago

    well...... a competent authoritarian government will fare better than an incompetent democratic government. Or at least, will have less dissidents, cause they all get force choked xD

  107. EGC_F0RT1M3ANDMU81C

    EGC_F0RT1M3ANDMU81C23 days ago

    You need to have a common enemy/villain/bad guy, else there would be no story.

  108. Erick Nunez

    Erick Nunez23 days ago

    The wholesale bankbook ordinarily flap because supermarket quantitatively flood an a silent clock. abounding, husky believe

  109. Justin Lowe

    Justin Lowe23 days ago

    I'm sure everyone on Bracca, Zeffo and Kashyyyk will agree the empire did not improve the quality of their lives.

  110. Андрей

    Андрей24 days ago

    If you replace the word empire with Russia, China or USSR (in the 70s) it goes quite interesting...

  111. Jim Lazar

    Jim Lazar24 days ago

    I love the radio in Kirlian!

  112. Waifu Waffen

    Waifu Waffen24 days ago

    "the empire isn't perfect, it was autocratic" You say that like it's somehow a bad thing

  113. Pooja kevat

    Pooja kevat24 days ago

    Now I will have to watch these movies and understand 😐