Film Theory: Dib Is An ALIEN! (Invader Zim)

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I've been wanting to cover more classic cartoons lately and Invader Zim was the perfect choice. The lore and science of that show fascinates me. There is so much we can dive into that it was hard to limit myself to one thing, but for you, Theorists, I will do my best. Today we are going to uncover the SECRET ALIEN hiding in plain sight. No, I don't mean Zim. I am talking about DIB!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. NoTagBacks

    NoTagBacks4 months ago

    I think if the show wasn't canceled, this would actually be the big twist during a season finale of some sort

  2. Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars2 days ago


  3. DeAnna Skedel

    DeAnna Skedel4 days ago

    @ScarfFox and Friends yo really? I gotta see this!

  4. some dog

    some dog8 days ago

    go to netflix. New invader zim movie

  5. James Warcholak

    James Warcholak16 days ago

    @tara lamlam12 shut up

  6. I’mActually Not a furry

    I’mActually Not a furry19 days ago

    I absolutely love invader zim

  7. Christy E

    Christy E16 hours ago

    I love your videos matpat

  8. Wolfie Icefang

    Wolfie Icefang23 hours ago

    HAVE U FORGOTTEN that DIBS FATHER has robot ARMS? SO he might be a ROBOT with an urkin alien IN IT. YOU would now IF YOU FINISHED the MOVIE.( I was trying to talk like zim

  9. Carlos Moreno Seguel

    Carlos Moreno SeguelDay ago

    The genios with the voice of a racist

  10. America the Great!

    America the Great!Day ago

    I think membrane fell in love with an earth woman but because of the fact that irkans don't have reproductive organs and she probably dies he decided take her DNA and make a clone of the woman he fell in love with the irkin race doesn't have female aliens only male ones so it makes sense for him to clone a woman he really liked

  11. SorenGames

    SorenGamesDay ago

    Tallest faking their height is actually canon

  12. *LE CHEESE* Is meh cheese

    *LE CHEESE* Is meh cheeseDay ago

    is *DIB* Part alien?

  13. Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars2 days ago

    But in the the clip where membrane is a child why is he hiding his face

  14. Russian Cheems

    Russian Cheems2 days ago

    0:08 anime girl ages be like

  15. Yoshikage kira

    Yoshikage kira2 days ago

    Hey hey hey hey mat hey mat hey um when you gunna do a jojo bizarre adventure video on why killer queen is a cat

  16. Głįtçhÿ :D

    Głįtçhÿ :D3 days ago

    Or he just found their work and doesn’t want others to also find it

  17. tyamato 588

    tyamato 5883 days ago

    You have gone to Mad to Insane

  18. PoohzyQ

    PoohzyQ3 days ago


  19. …?!

    …?!3 days ago

    Scientific fail made him lose his nose and ears

  20. adrian bokov

    adrian bokov4 days ago

    ⨍⨋⨊⨍⨮ΙΖΖ ζΤΙΙμΧΧΧμμτΨΨυρΡξξξγγΓΓΝΝΞβăÅÆÆææąĄÃČčDėÉÉʣċʣʥęɘèéĐÐ↮⇋⇐⇏⇋⇌⇔⇈⇈↿⇄↬⇔⇕⇪⇭⇫⇫∰∭∯௹௹₢₥₨₨₧₨₨֏৳₠₣₦₩₩₩₩₩₳௹֏֏₴﷼﷼₺₾₸₲₯௹֏৳₮₮₫€₪©⁾⁾[}{××--℉․⁞⁞§⁚⁘‿‰⁀⁐¨⁐‽⁌⁌º~º♪

  21. Shannon Cooper

    Shannon Cooper4 days ago

    film theory : does monkey now*-me : screams in pillow*- film theory : get honey- me : gets honey* film theory : :)

  22. Fredfredbug4

    Fredfredbug44 days ago

    I’m 99% sure that joke about the operating system is a reference to Independence Day

  23. Crusadr _

    Crusadr _4 days ago

    There is an alien among us

  24. augusto moreira

    augusto moreira4 days ago

    0:09 20% of animes be like:

  25. Amira the Smol Bean

    Amira the Smol Bean4 days ago

    I wanna see what would happen if Dipper from Gravity Falls met Dib

  26. Shadowproto17

    Shadowproto174 days ago

    Does Gaz have ears?

  27. Oddity

    Oddity5 days ago

    ‘He *decided* to be un-banished’ wow wish it could work that way like you’d just walk out of jail and the police would be chasing you and they’d catch you but you’d just say ‘Ya know what,I don’t really wanna be in jail’

  28. Moon 42

    Moon 42Day ago

    *Napoleon intensifies*

  29. MEME 134

    MEME 1345 days ago

    *matpat doing a fnaf theory * NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSLBLE!!

  30. Julianjared DelPoso

    Julianjared DelPoso5 days ago

    membrane: nobody is as excited as i am some random guy: I AM membrane:........NOT SCIENTiFICALLY POSSIBLE

  31. Lexlann Jovel

    Lexlann Jovel5 days ago

    Theorie madpat is dib membrane

  32. Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat

    Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat5 days ago

    why is everybody a freaking alien

  33. Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat

    Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat5 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue invaders zim is one of the best movies and frozen two

  34. Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat

    Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat5 days ago

    He’s not smart if he saw all the alien stuff he’s dumb because he doesn’t think that aliens are real he’s basically dumb he’s not smart he’s basically dumber Than a freaking alien

  35. krop

    krop5 days ago

    Not scientifically possible

  36. Warcow

    Warcow6 days ago

    Not to mention that dib, gaz, and their dad all survived being exposed to the vacuum of space along with other aliens during the prison scene in enter the florpus

  37. Crow9509 0

    Crow9509 06 days ago

    Hey matpat you know how Mario is a sociopath, well you remember how in Mario 3d land had 2 endings: the Mario ending and the luigi ending. That might help with the peach and Luigi being married you also see that peach "talks" to Luigi more

  38. Jamie Frankshire

    Jamie Frankshire6 days ago

    I think what is more likely is that Professor Membrane is the son of an exiled Urkan (Idk how to spell it) who bred with some woman and raised Membrane to take on the responsibilities of an invader. The exile most likely was a tall Urkan which means he would know the importance of operating in secret with much more expertise than a typical invader would. Membrane probably discounts the existence of aliens based on his agenda of enslaving Earth to eventually defend the planet and it’s neighboring star systems once he eventually builds a fleet. If the Urkan leadership learned that Membrane essentially owned Earth they would immediately invade it and execute him due to being not only a technological threat but an existential threat.

  39. Lexta Vactchi

    Lexta Vactchi6 days ago

    I fucking love this series and the theory of him being possibly an alien (likely even Irken) isn’t forgettable for me

  40. GamerZ HI-f5ve

    GamerZ HI-f5ve6 days ago

    How could he be a big invader if he was a child in the flash backs.

  41. hawk eye

    hawk eye6 days ago

    Membrane probably spliced his DNA with a humans

  42. NinJa Foremo$T DJR

    NinJa Foremo$T DJR6 days ago

    Dib is a clone of professor membrane was supposed to be a story arc in season 3

  43. mrloleno

    mrloleno7 days ago

    0:06 this is LITERALLY how some 12 year olds look in anime. And i see how this is the joke so please don't wooooosh me

  44. pickel fam ; 3

    pickel fam ; 37 days ago


  45. America the Great!

    America the Great!7 days ago

    Dib: finds out the truth Also dib: I have crippling depression

  46. Ben Oliver

    Ben Oliver7 days ago

    Now do a theory that Professor Membrane is The Emperor of Mankind

  47. Olthdori Mirth

    Olthdori Mirth7 days ago

    I was wondering who zim sounded like and then it hit me. It was Billy. Billy from grim adventures of billy and mandy.

  48. Average idiot

    Average idiot8 days ago

    Heard of risk of rain?

  49. Pt Ski

    Pt Ski8 days ago

    ok that world is among us

  50. Liftedocean

    Liftedocean8 days ago

    Called it

  51. Macaroon

    Macaroon8 days ago

    14:38 frumpkin plush!! Someone working on this video knows of critical role

  52. Zachatron

    Zachatron9 days ago

    Invader zim was among us before it’s time

  53. Happy Goku

    Happy Goku9 days ago

    14:47 Who are they? besides Kirby and snorlax

  54. Jeffrey Keaton

    Jeffrey Keaton9 days ago

    I can get behind this theory... I can just imagine Zim taunting Dib about it too lol like ha! you're just like me!

  55. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson9 days ago

    I can guarantee that Oliver would more than likely be perfectly okay with Squishmallows instead of college

  56. Amanda Duncan

    Amanda Duncan10 days ago


  57. The Big Banana

    The Big Banana10 days ago


  58. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master10 days ago

    I have a theory about Miss bitters being tallest spork. Tallest spork was known for his small eyes amongst the empire, and Miss bitters wears glasses. Possibly to cover up the fact that she's a alien? Its confirmed in one of the comics that miss bitters is not a human, maybe she's a irken?

  59. Arca Arcq

    Arca Arcq12 days ago

    2:03 nope, it cancelled at 19th August 2006

  60. Arca Arcq

    Arca Arcq12 days ago

    I hate Invader Zim’s fandom, but the Show is great

  61. ok ko

    ok ko12 days ago

    Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  62. Kids Thingy

    Kids Thingy12 days ago

    On the nose and the ear part well probably the people who drew the show or animated I don't know probably didn't want the dad or whatever to have a nose and ears maybe because they didn't draw him with a nose probably they didn't do that because well his mask thing is way too close up to his face and in the end of the goggles are probably where his ears are! ( I don't know why I made some of this just some gibberish okay goodbye kcbicniceincdbudcbhfiifw hibcwhivcwhibwbhiwfcihwbcebfhickbfhbdwdbhkfwchkfwbkfwbhkcfwbhiwfbdwhwhiwcbihwfcbhkfwbhkdcwbhcdwbhckdwcvgjcdwcvgjcdwbhcwf. Fhw jgf. Khf wf jhwfgvjdwvgjwdvgjdcwgvjdcwvgjdcwdbgxwdvkgdqxgivdwxyobcdwhobcrwbyocr2cdwcrwcrwwfrrwccdwtvwbugr2ohyr2bcrqyvyi1rcvr1iybuicetcurbicr2ibyf2ciubf2 fwnikce vu2y 2fcibfwid1)

  63. David Stokes

    David Stokes13 days ago

    He’s really Johnny the homicidal maniac before he grew up to be Johnny and Zim is just his first illusion

  64. Meysam Khodaee

    Meysam Khodaee13 days ago

    Is all Humans or aliens?

  65. twopast

    twopast13 days ago

    Dib is ac a alien bc he knew zim is a alien only humans don’t know

  66. sharaph

    sharaph13 days ago

    he is an alien look at his head it's enormous

  67. G L A M M E R

    G L A M M E R13 days ago

    Something I also noticed is that during the realities colliding scene in the movie Dib was turned into an Irken at one point. So that could have been eluding to the idea!

  68. Ze middle bird 🦅

    Ze middle bird 🦅14 days ago

    I mean the galactic star gate could be you know normal space science

  69. Katulin Games and Anamats

    Katulin Games and Anamats14 days ago

    This is never going to get out of my head now

  70. Fxx S

    Fxx S15 days ago

    Membrane is the deposed leader of the aliens. Ended up on earth

  71. Anigaming 2019

    Anigaming 201915 days ago

    lol Moxxie is same voice as Zim

  72. Mason Finn

    Mason Finn15 days ago

    Omg so CUTE!!! Give me thum

  73. bg sw

    bg sw16 days ago

    The wrong aftermath pharmacologically gaze because bracket immunohistologically amuse towards a simple bear. parallel, juicy bull

  74. MysticMermaid

    MysticMermaid16 days ago

    Honestly, I do think membrane and Dib are aliens, but not Gaz. She’s an android! Think about it: She Dosent obey anyone but membrane. When she got wet when Dib splashed water on her and Zim, she looked like it hurt her. Robots are affected by water. Why do you think he wanted Dib to go with her to the mall? He didn’t want her to get broken. She protects herself, all the time. There was one episode where she was on the elevator, and was trying to get the GS2 from Iggins, and SMASHED AND GLITCHED THE ELEVATOR FROM ONE PUNCH. BUT HEY, THATS JUST A THEORY A FILM THEORY

  75. Charlie Haffke

    Charlie Haffke16 days ago


  76. Arca Arcq

    Arca Arcq16 days ago

    How about, if Dr. Membrane is sended to Earth by The Tallests, why is child Dr. Membrane lives at earth while he was short?

  77. Susan Bradley

    Susan Bradley16 days ago

    Zim: YOU LIED!!

  78. GHOSTHazeChiller

    GHOSTHazeChiller17 days ago

    Plot Twist The tallest aren't the tallest

  79. Jessica Evans

    Jessica Evans17 days ago


  80. razzledazzle15

    razzledazzle1517 days ago

    I thought he was a clone of his father

  81. Twomanynames

    Twomanynames17 days ago

    7:02 i find this funny

  82. Game Cooker

    Game Cooker17 days ago

    Madpat is dib

  83. david kessler

    david kessler17 days ago

    ok but if he's an alien and part of zims race then he's one... very tall and two hiding from them. Earth was destined to be thrown into some other races dying sun. Not for Irken conquest.

  84. Andre Sanchez

    Andre Sanchez17 days ago

    Did anyone notice the new theory or channel in dispatch or whatever you see that it’s a new thing and I know might want to uncover it I don’t know what it might be

  85. TheAwsomeSawse

    TheAwsomeSawse17 days ago

    Pretty sure the OS joke is just making fun of Independence Day

  86. Alfie Greenwood

    Alfie Greenwood18 days ago

    Can we Acknowledge that dibs dad has literal ROBOT ARMS MATPAT

  87. Deepthi935

    Deepthi93518 days ago

    Even Dib has a nose

  88. Deepthi935

    Deepthi93518 days ago

    How is din an alien

  89. Deepthi935

    Deepthi93518 days ago

    Dib has ears matpat

  90. Mug Boi

    Mug Boi18 days ago


  91. Ben Cee

    Ben Cee18 days ago

    i am steve rogers

  92. Raven Zombie

    Raven Zombie19 days ago

    So the only thing canon is that the son is a human clone of the father. What about the daughter? Maybe membrane isn't tall, he is probably zim size with a mech body enhancement. In an alternate universe zim succeeded his first mission. It reminds me of how megas xlr ended

  93. James Glamstar

    James Glamstar19 days ago

    Gaz also had no ears

  94. Thoughtful Devil

    Thoughtful Devil19 days ago

    According to the special features of season one, it was apparently planned for Dib to turn out to be a creation of Doctor Membrane.

  95. Jay is Dreaming (King Jay)

    Jay is Dreaming (King Jay)19 days ago

    I've been waiting for this exact theory. Im so glad someone said it. I hope they keep making IZ comics

  96. Tarnished_ Walker

    Tarnished_ Walker20 days ago

    I think invader Zim is disturbing

  97. Forsaken Muffin

    Forsaken Muffin20 days ago

    I mean yeah the inventor of super toast is an alien. It is quite OuT of THiS wORld

  98. Melissa kuntz

    Melissa kuntz21 day ago

    Maybe this is the real among us

  99. Brayden Young

    Brayden Young21 day ago

    Have you ever done a face reveal

  100. Marley Mendoza

    Marley Mendoza21 day ago

    7:02 I have a MIGHTY NEED

  101. Wiel Mushawiry Suryana

    Wiel Mushawiry Suryana21 day ago

    Wait....if he has no ears why does dib have ears?

  102. candy_the noob_YT

    candy_the noob_YT21 day ago

    time to ruin my friends childhood

  103. Carlo And The Ink Machine

    Carlo And The Ink Machine21 day ago

    IS THAT A ROBOT HAND!?!?!?!?!?

  104. Samantha Wylie

    Samantha Wylie21 day ago

    I’d like to ask @The Flim Theorists if they have: watched the show, and read all of the comics?

  105. Samantha Wylie

    Samantha Wylie21 day ago

    Oh my god, matpat is after this theory too?????? Not saying I’m not loving that he’s doing ZIM. I am dying right now. But ya know, he’s actually a clone, the professor that is(and dib). Comics and christmas special prove that he was a young child and stuff like that, and shows that he has parents, and there for extending the theory that the PROFESSOR is a clone, or his MOTHER but defaulted, and has no nose, no ears and so on. Ah god i need to make a DEBUNKING theory video. stay weird my filthy earth worms, and remember, reality is an illusion, universe is a hologram buy gold BYE

  106. Andrew Carlson

    Andrew Carlson21 day ago

    Zim: (gets ejected) The game: Zim was not the imposter