Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)

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Last time I talked about the Lion King, we were seeing just how big the body count was for this beloved Disney movie and sayong Scar was the rightful king. WEll, we are leaning into that even HARDER this time! Today, I want to talk about the sibling rivalry to end all sibling rivalries - Scar and Mufasa. Theorists, lions are a very, VERY interesting animal. I think that Scar ATE Mufasa after the stampede. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Leslie Baez

    Leslie Baez3 hours ago

    I think I got it so they kidnap me to fashion style because that’s girls tall small that had to be like some sort of Already a skull of a lien that was already dead I don’t know

  2. S Bleier

    S Bleier4 hours ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh it’s the circle of life

  3. S Bleier

    S Bleier4 hours ago

    Scar mufasa

  4. Shreyas r

    Shreyas r5 hours ago

    if you look at 14:46 then it is like pumba is attacking scar


    JOAQUIN VIMIGO NOCOM10 hours ago

    its a cartoon yu know there some mistakes in skulls or maybe thats other lion

  6. Hi-

    Hi-14 hours ago

    Figure it out if the hyenas were trying to go and catch and catch Simba then that means that they couldn't eat it what if scar drag and Fox's body all into the spot where he's head that mufas's wife could eat with him what if he just ate it before mufasa's wife wife got it to eat it first and then what happened was he said the hyenas don't leave leftovers so then that means that they ate the rest of the body

  7. Debra Koehler

    Debra Koehler15 hours ago

    Scar did not eat him bc I looked and it said lions do not eat other lions😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

  8. kate Dombach

    kate Dombach17 hours ago

    Hmm I wander if Carol Baskin had a hyena stashed somewhere

  9. Jerry Boyd

    Jerry Boyd23 hours ago

    Yup yup yup

  10. Matthew Fabacher

    Matthew Fabacher23 hours ago

    Carnivore meat has significantly more parasites than herbivore meat

  11. Jerry Boyd

    Jerry Boyd23 hours ago

    Yes he ate him

  12. Micah Birdlover (Micah birdlover)

    Micah Birdlover (Micah birdlover)Day ago

    because anyone is good at there frecken job gets me every time 🤭😆

  13. Greta Destiny

    Greta DestinyDay ago

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  14. Cocoaben

    CocoabenDay ago

    another debunked theory: the hyenas DID eat Mufasa, but Scar said to leave the skull as a trophy

  15. unlimited diamond

    unlimited diamondDay ago

    Ita a baboons

  16. Annie Crawford

    Annie CrawfordDay ago

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  17. Kerry Kruger

    Kerry KrugerDay ago

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  18. Akeem Gentles

    Akeem GentlesDay ago

    The food train :scar ate musafa and hercules ate scar.

  19. William Patch

    William PatchDay ago

    Hey that’s pwediepies thing it’s lwiay not morty

  20. Xx_Bunny_xX

    Xx_Bunny_xXDay ago

    I search that do hyenas eat dead lion ?? It says that hyenas do eat dead lion

  21. McKenzie Annie

    McKenzie AnnieDay ago

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  22. Hi

    HiDay ago

    Tiktok : makes a flim theory Matpat : hippitty hoppitty get of my property

  23. Alexa Dean

    Alexa DeanDay ago

    Not to be rood but when u said kinky tail was killed by a rival gang of lions the text said a coalition Wich is a group of cheetahs a group of lions would be a pride. By the way u got a lot of info write and u r definitely a reliable source love ur vids

  24. Anna Sultan

    Anna SultanDay ago

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  25. Golden rohan

    Golden rohanDay ago

    i dont think scar at mufasa but ate someone else but who?? cause the skull doesnt look like mufasa?

  26. rebecca hattendorf

    rebecca hattendorfDay ago

    Oh. A baboon skull.... So does that mean rafiki is dead? Because that the only baboon I've seen in the Lion King.

  27. lelani ly

    lelani lyDay ago

    Your annoying

  28. Monjiro

    Monjiro2 days ago

    When we first see scar he is very desperate to eat most likely that he ate Mufasa the skull wasn’t mufasa’s because the hyenas ate the bones after Mufasa die so yeah

  29. Simone Malan

    Simone Malan2 days ago

    Thats a baboon skull

  30. TeletoonAndYTV Archives

    TeletoonAndYTV Archives2 days ago

    No he did'nt. that skull was'nt even a lion skull. Lions don't eat other lions.

  31. mjasim2000

    mjasim20002 days ago

    This is fake

  32. Lazar James

    Lazar James2 days ago

    air bud was not like that

  33. Isabelle Jackson

    Isabelle Jackson2 days ago

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  34. Oliver Stanley

    Oliver Stanley2 days ago

    I don’t actually think that’s a lion skull it’s actually more similar to a baboon skull

  35. Not_Normal

    Not_Normal2 days ago

    that flying hand tho-

  36. Maria Cecilia Goulart Oficial

    Maria Cecilia Goulart Oficial2 days ago

    Braz Neto: 2:33 MatPat are you breaking the fourth wall

  37. Avani Srivastava

    Avani Srivastava2 days ago

    You are right it does look like a lion skull. But it can be that Mufasa dead is decomposed or a scavenger has ate him.

  38. Jaeidk ._.

    Jaeidk ._.2 days ago

    TikTok, I love ya, but leave the theorising to the professionals.

  39. That nerd with Glasses

    That nerd with Glasses2 days ago

    8:09 zebras are not helpless they like to break lions skulls even when not being hunted

  40. That nerd with Glasses

    That nerd with Glasses2 days ago

    Hood nature is the only good tiktoker

  41. Llyra Black Khaos Coyote

    Llyra Black Khaos Coyote2 days ago

    No ones gonna talk about how the bones would have been decomposing? We watch Simba grow up those bones would be messed up. I see no decay.

  42. blobby blobby

    blobby blobby2 days ago

    Ok has he seen lion king 2 its probably the only Disney sequel that’s not bad

  43. Adam Thornton

    Adam Thornton2 days ago

    "Forget Timon and Pumba!" Whaaaa?? They're the best thing about the film! Like Scrat in the Ice Age films.

  44. Ceaira Gaynor

    Ceaira Gaynor3 days ago

    Can you look into my eyes one of my favorite use of all time

  45. Lasha Nozadze

    Lasha Nozadze3 days ago

    Disney put baboon skull because lions hate baboons, because of baboons screaming noises

  46. RobloGirl

    RobloGirl3 days ago


  47. maplestory mule

    maplestory mule3 days ago

    7:56 People in 2018 be like: (I think that dabbing was invented in 2018)

  48. Dustin Jackson

    Dustin Jackson3 days ago

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  49. Tara Hays

    Tara Hays3 days ago

    who is the leader of the scooby gang

  50. Lasange Queen21

    Lasange Queen213 days ago

    Is this an April fools joke ?🤔🤔

  51. EntirelyBonkers

    EntirelyBonkers3 days ago

    Disney probably didn't even think that deep into the scene as they wanted to just put in a reference of the 'Poor Yoric' scene from Hamlet, what the Lion King is based on. :> -Though that is Hamlet, aka Simba, but I think this is just an Easter egg-

  52. Nancy Benton

    Nancy Benton3 days ago

    Matpat was eaten

  53. Aldraga

    Aldraga4 days ago

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  54. KïttÿTùñę

    KïttÿTùñę4 days ago

    remember the guy with the staff..

  55. Lal Dinsanga

    Lal Dinsanga4 days ago

    Lol I heard from someone scar was eatten by hyenas so it was clear that hyenas eat lions

  56. Diana Martin

    Diana Martin4 days ago


  57. ScDes

    ScDes4 days ago

    It could also be the skull of every other predator that died during the drought.

  58. simgufu tocente

    simgufu tocente4 days ago

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  59. Anat Vainer

    Anat Vainer4 days ago

    I am sad that mufasa died

  60. Ashlie Lutz

    Ashlie Lutz4 days ago

    Waet is more name is it med or pat or moretey or waut

  61. Ashlie Lutz

    Ashlie Lutz4 days ago

    You mean Saud is your name is it med or pat or morety

  62. Ajani Samms

    Ajani Samms4 days ago

    Scar ate mufasa

  63. Morgan Jones

    Morgan Jones5 days ago

    the lives in the wind are sapped to be sfx I believe not the other word it was sapped to be a comprtbution to that company that helped makee it your welcome

  64. loraleesherman

    loraleesherman5 days ago

    Mat pat make a theory on emperors new groove

  65. Jamie James

    Jamie James5 days ago

    Any chance you found out what animal skull Mufasa was holding then? If not a baboon. I definitely agree that the flat teeth means it's probably from a herbivore or omnivore; definitely not a carnivore.

  66. Matthew Fernandez

    Matthew Fernandez5 days ago

    So much of your debunking of the theory is based on the scientific evidence of whether Mufasa would have been literally eaten by Scar in the real world as opposed to whether the writers and animators of the film subtlety hint to the possibility of Scar’s cannibalism. I think you missed some of the point.

  67. SuesXP

    SuesXP5 days ago

    The fact that this was posted on April 1st-

  68. aexo

    aexo5 days ago

    It said april 2nd though

  69. Mr Penguin

    Mr Penguin5 days ago

    Funni cannibalism

  70. Carla Thompson

    Carla Thompson5 days ago

    If the hyenas were willing to eat scar. Then it is not to farfetched to theorize to they ate mufasa

  71. Jacob Massey

    Jacob Massey5 days ago

    Why does he (and the people in the comments) keep saying "TikTok", as in he proved TikTok wrong? He proved a guy who is on Tiktok wrong. This is like if he made a video about New Girl and kept talking about how he proved Netflix wrong.

  72. Charles Northland (ScacchiGatto)

    Charles Northland (ScacchiGatto)5 days ago

    When I first saw the tiktok rubbi...theory: Did you even watch the film to the end?

  73. Trish Scarborough

    Trish Scarborough5 days ago

    Why is scar so mean 😫 😩 😕 😭 😢 😞 😫

  74. Bingo Gacha life

    Bingo Gacha life5 days ago

    What happened to Bambi‘s mom’s body after she died?😐

  75. aexo

    aexo5 days ago

    What do you think happened ?

  76. wolf lover

    wolf lover5 days ago


  77. Red Draugr

    Red Draugr5 days ago

    My fav vid

  78. Davy Elburn

    Davy Elburn6 days ago


  79. GlIcHy Gin

    GlIcHy Gin6 days ago

    Also the skull has a missing toth and I Researched has mufasa doesn't have a missing toth

  80. kroomie

    kroomie6 days ago

    kitchens are cool

  81. Diamond Panda

    Diamond Panda6 days ago

    its a cartoon

  82. that one indecisive guy

    that one indecisive guy6 days ago

    Little did you knew that the monitors switched at the start of the video

  83. William Plays Games

    William Plays Games6 days ago

    it might take a while

  84. William Plays Games

    William Plays Games6 days ago

    PLEASE do a theory of Steven Universe what i want to know is where the diamonds came from

  85. Jovas Marshall

    Jovas Marshall6 days ago


  86. Jovas Marshall

    Jovas Marshall6 days ago


  87. Tired Happy Asexual Gachatuber

    Tired Happy Asexual Gachatuber6 days ago

    Omg, it does say *madpat is king* Take a close look in the movie

  88. Blubby Productions

    Blubby Productions6 days ago

    Sorry guys but there’s a spoiler, that’s not a lion skull, that’s a baboon skull.

  89. big boi THICC KONG

    big boi THICC KONG6 days ago

    nah fam mufasa just gaming

  90. Giselle

    Giselle6 days ago


  91. Giselle

    Giselle6 days ago


  92. KittenPyroNao

    KittenPyroNao6 days ago

    Also didnt the hyenas eat scar alive later in the movie? (Havent finished the video so dont know if he mentions it)

  93. Jason Lan

    Jason Lan6 days ago

    so scar ate rafiki's kid... got it

  94. legend gary

    legend gary6 days ago

    Matpat slayer of tic tok theories

  95. mastergangster 345

    mastergangster 3456 days ago

    Tiktok : *Makes a film theory* MatPat : You dare challange me mortal

  96. John Lavvas

    John Lavvas6 days ago

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    Juno Browning7 days ago


  98. Matheus Bruvoll

    Matheus Bruvoll7 days ago

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    JESSE PHILIP7 days ago

    What but I went to Google and they said Hyena's eat lions they even Hunt lions

  100. The Emerald Mask show

    The Emerald Mask show7 days ago

    What M.O.R.T.Y stand for?

  101. ghost

    ghost7 days ago

    maggots probably got to his body first and broke it down enough for vultures to be able to eat it, and then bearded vultures (a type of bird that regularly eats bones) could have finished the bones

  102. Wong Yu Herng SES21010033

    Wong Yu Herng SES210100337 days ago

    Tik tok got crushed and grind by the legendary film theory.

  103. Oleksandra Buchynska

    Oleksandra Buchynska7 days ago

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  104. Bdor Tiger

    Bdor Tiger7 days ago

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