Film Theory: The Giant MONSTER Hiding in Shang-Chi! (Shang Chi Trailer)

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The future of Marvel remains a mystery and the world of Shang-Chi is no different. We know TOO MUCH for me to not suspect that some gigantic surprise is awaiting us in the movie. We know about The Mandarin and the Ten Rings. So what, Theorists, is the movie hiding? I have the answer but you will have to watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Yitong Wan

    Yitong WanMonth ago

    The way kevin feige pronounces is actually way closer to the actual Chinese pronunciation than what people say. So respect to him.

  2. Lucia Quinn

    Lucia Quinn21 hour ago

    Same way Wang is pronounced Wong instead of Wayng. People who spell it as Wong instead of Wang just want you to pronounce it right

  3. Ciziel Man *I know the name sounds like skizzleman

    Ciziel Man *I know the name sounds like skizzleman16 days ago


  4. Isaac Sheu

    Isaac Sheu16 days ago

    Not it's not. He's saying the "Chi" like "Shi"

  5. Alt A

    Alt A18 days ago


  6. Jumbo Frank

    Jumbo Frank23 days ago

    Do you know that cosmic ghost rider wears hand bands that looks same as mandarins rings

  7. Cutting Board

    Cutting Board20 hours ago

    Fin Fang Foom

  8. arie samson

    arie samson2 days ago

    If im not mistaken dragons usually have 5 fingers on each appendage in Chinese mythology

  9. Yeshwanth Muthyala

    Yeshwanth Muthyala2 days ago

    When I saw that thumbnail I already knew its Fin Fang Foom

  10. Lit gamer

    Lit gamer2 days ago

    I like how he slipped in a dirty joke there at 8:45

  11. A M

    A M2 days ago

    Didn’t take long for Marvel to confirm there WON’T be Fin Fang Foom in Shang-Chi.

  12. 115 Addict

    115 Addict2 days ago

    I bet this is about the foo something dragon

  13. Tye Anderson

    Tye Anderson2 days ago

    I saw "All Hail the King", actually, but I completely forgot about it, lmao!

  14. Ledeas Oakenbough

    Ledeas Oakenbough2 days ago

    I love you MatPat, but FIng Fang Foom and the 10 rings is not a Theory, it is a Story all ready written. I wish my memory was good enough to remember the Issues.

  15. Alexander Roguski

    Alexander Roguski2 days ago


  16. The Man Behind The Slaughter

    The Man Behind The Slaughter2 days ago

    everybody sleeping on my boi razorfist even though he has went toe to toe with wolverine multiple times.

  17. CMDR unematti

    CMDR unematti3 days ago

    big twist!!! theyre ARMRINGS.

  18. Axel Liew

    Axel Liew3 days ago

    Hmm Tony Leung's face does look the the comic Fin Fang Foom face...

  19. Jeremy Beyer

    Jeremy Beyer3 days ago

    You can actually see a dragon in the trailer

  20. HB gaming 99

    HB gaming 993 days ago

    Do a daredevil theory

  21. ✓SWAP

    ✓SWAP3 days ago

    5:12 Soviet Union And China And A Giant Soviet Robot

  22. ✓SWAP

    ✓SWAP3 days ago

    Bruh Soviet Union

  23. Levent Dagtas

    Levent Dagtas4 days ago

    please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

  24. Sky Con

    Sky Con4 days ago

    Wait, IRON MAN was Marvel's anti-communist character?! Not, you know, CAPTAIN FRICKIN AMERICA?!!?!? Marvel dropped the ball on that one 😂

  25. Alejandro Cardenas

    Alejandro Cardenas5 days ago

    Matpat seriously for the love of God stop disrespecting Godzilla it's breaking my heart especially coming from a Kaiju fan himself!!!!!!!

  26. Kendall 8911

    Kendall 89115 days ago

    In one on the Lego marvel games fin fang foom is in the game

  27. venessa g

    venessa g5 days ago

    Why doesn’t film theory have an intro

  28. Philip XAN—AX

    Philip XAN—AX6 days ago

    I love the iron Fist:(

  29. Olive _ Dragon

    Olive _ Dragon7 days ago

    “The Great Protecter” is an interesting name for the toy leak dragons because Eastern dragons are known to be guardians, or protectors of heaven and earth, being able to control the elements such as water and fire. Also when Matpat talked about the dragon having ten fingers, that doesn’t really mean much because Chinese dragons naturally have ten fingers, five on each hand.

  30. Olive _ Dragon

    Olive _ Dragon2 days ago

    @Sandtrooper TK-3729 Mongolian and Korean Eastern dragons are depicted with 4 fingers. Chinese dragons are depicted with 5, mostly

  31. Sandtrooper TK-3729

    Sandtrooper TK-37292 days ago

    Some dragons have four on each hand

  32. Mikkel Raffnsøe Koefoed

    Mikkel Raffnsøe Koefoed7 days ago

    Friendly reminder that Taiwan is a sovereign nation, and that China is controlled by an authoritarian, nationalist and genocidal political elite in the form of the CCP.

  33. Guacre TM

    Guacre TM7 days ago

    The real giant monster is the Chinese government 🤷‍♂️

  34. Purple

    Purple7 days ago

    I hope a giant dragon becomes a good excuse to have an Avengers Vs. Godzilla King Of The Monsters adaptation. (Yes, that did happen in the comics)

  35. TheGoldenDragon

    TheGoldenDragon7 days ago

    I saw all hail the king. where does that rank me on the hardcore marvel fan tier list.

  36. Unknown

    Unknown8 days ago

    Knnnew it. Knew it was Mandarin. Need to check out the Mini film.

  37. Unknown

    Unknown8 days ago

    Mat: "Captain Marvel Two Years ago" Me: "Holy crud! It's like we Skipped a year!"

  38. Unknown

    Unknown8 days ago


  39. Joseph Biddle

    Joseph Biddle9 days ago

    Why couldn’t they introduce Iron Fist how they did in the Ultimate Spider-Man series?

  40. EL Daemon

    EL Daemon9 days ago

    The Kaiju monster in China this time... Is matpat's way of pronouncing Chinese names.

  41. Kame Sennin

    Kame Sennin9 days ago

    Honestly you wouldn't even necessarily need the toy leak to confirm the five fingers. Chinese dragons are depicted with 5 whereas Japanese dragons are depicted with 3.

  42. North Xena

    North Xena9 days ago


  43. NSZTG

    NSZTG9 days ago

    In iron man: armored adventures, the makulan did make the rings, but they were lizard people, not dragons in that show.

  44. GXT Plays

    GXT Plays10 days ago

    The Dead Giant from The Defenders.

  45. Kerbal AirForce

    Kerbal AirForce10 days ago

    The real twist would be a Marvel character calling out Chinese concentration camps.

  46. Bernice H

    Bernice H10 days ago

    Do a video about the "Eternals" teaser trailer

  47. Corey Nickel

    Corey Nickel11 days ago

    Plz do a theory on the total drama show budget its constantly mentioned in all the seasons i know you can do it matpat

  48. ok ko

    ok ko12 days ago

    Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

  49. Scrapper & Cappy

    Scrapper & Cappy12 days ago

    You know, it’s been a while since he did mha theory ( since we got season 5 and manga stuff ). Wouldn’t mind if he looked into it.

  50. Scrapper & Cappy

    Scrapper & Cappy12 days ago

    Just saying but still Very noice

  51. Jacob Kemp

    Jacob Kemp12 days ago


  52. Brayn Johnson

    Brayn Johnson13 days ago

    Since when is anti-communism a bad thing?

  53. Mila hunter

    Mila hunter14 days ago

    holy ship i was right lol

  54. Mila hunter

    Mila hunter14 days ago


  55. Mila hunter

    Mila hunter14 days ago

    fing fang foom lol

  56. Chloe McDonald

    Chloe McDonald14 days ago


  57. I am ze peach

    I am ze peach14 days ago

    I like the mandarin as a villian but then again I love galactacus sooo....

  58. Aaron Ross

    Aaron Ross14 days ago

    Another Easter egg in the trailer the song states “you woke up the dragon” so there’s that

  59. Star Watcher (StarWatcher)

    Star Watcher (StarWatcher)14 days ago

    hey i liked iron fist

  60. Angry Toad

    Angry Toad14 days ago

    i only know fin fang foom from lego marvel avengers. you unlock him through a side quest where you have to collect food. strange choice

  61. SUICD

    SUICD15 days ago

    As a big lego marvel fan i knew who you where talk about. Like he could transform into the biggest caracter ever. Loved it

  62. captian bacon

    captian bacon15 days ago

    i love the new film theory opening

  63. Owen Jolley 3

    Owen Jolley 315 days ago

    *S H O N G S H E E*

  64. ZyeNix

    ZyeNix16 days ago

    first time I heard of fin fang foom was when I ran into him in marvels ultimate alliance 💪

  65. Barrett Catoe

    Barrett Catoe16 days ago

    That makes perfect sense that the Rings will be for a dragon

  66. roydenhunt

    roydenhunt16 days ago

    I believe it.

  67. Step Son

    Step Son17 days ago

    Just watch iron man armoured adventure trust me

  68. Da Moose

    Da Moose17 days ago

    Racism Racism Racism. Sick of it. I honestly wish some real racism would pop up to shut everyone up.

  69. The DoomBurger

    The DoomBurger17 days ago

    this is sad bc kevin fiege just confirmed fing fang foom will not be in it

  70. SpeedyBoi 69 (SpeedyBoi69)

    SpeedyBoi 69 (SpeedyBoi69)17 days ago

    2:37 was that Fin Fang Foom

  71. Callen Taylor

    Callen Taylor17 days ago

    The Ironman armored adventure show has a lot of info that I think could be helpful to this theory even if it is not canon.

  72. Callen Taylor

    Callen Taylor17 days ago

    I know that he showed a clip from the show but Disney talk about it

  73. Kamen Rider Sailor

    Kamen Rider Sailor17 days ago

    The way things are going though, trying to kowtow to a Chinese market is going to cost ALOT more than it's worth.

  74. Okwaho

    Okwaho17 days ago

    I know you didn't say it, but couldn't agree more, let's all agree this is the first time Marvel has done this.

  75. Jason Nong

    Jason Nong18 days ago

    Wait. The citrus?

  76. Isaac Smith

    Isaac Smith18 days ago

    Matt you do realize that the Netflix shows like iron fist isn’t canon to the mcu

  77. Superfun_K

    Superfun_K18 days ago

    At the end of Dr. Strange, didn't one of the sorcerers basically become a villain? I'm not a HUGE Marvel fan, I don't read any of the comics, I just watch the movies. But I wonder when he's going to show up...

  78. T D

    T D18 days ago

    They were used to power a ship for a dragon like alien that crashed which the mandarin happened to find. The mandarin then took them.

  79. Sebastián Rivera Gómez

    Sebastián Rivera Gómez18 days ago

    Can we keep the new intro

  80. solé Neptune

    solé Neptune19 days ago

    I lowkey kinda liked iron fist

  81. jaymar Jimenez

    jaymar Jimenez19 days ago

    th kung fu guy looks lik cgou dragon boy in mobile legends xD

  82. Penthactus Soul

    Penthactus Soul19 days ago

    If those rings really belong to the dragon then the dragon would have to be as big as Hulk because lets be honest, those rings arent THAT big. Not big enough to fit a giant/colossus

  83. Ben Huang

    Ben Huang20 days ago

    In the trailer it literally says you woke up the dragon

  84. Nicholas Gear

    Nicholas Gear20 days ago

    Abc fx Netflix and hulu does not count and nor does anything else that is not Disney plus or movies so yeah

  85. Lego Freak Ninjago

    Lego Freak Ninjago20 days ago

    i am so happy i played lego marvel avengers because i know who fing fang foom is

  86. ander_fun2042 ander

    ander_fun2042 ander21 day ago

    Mom says it's my turn to get pinned

  87. ander_fun2042 ander

    ander_fun2042 ander20 days ago

    @Joe Swain I know :(

  88. Joe Swain

    Joe Swain20 days ago

    Bit late for that man

  89. Cyanide Pandemonium

    Cyanide Pandemonium21 day ago

    Not flaming anyone but their chineses pronunciation of shang chi is absolutely hilarious.

  90. Sophia Grace

    Sophia Grace21 day ago

    7:50 I know this was probably an impression of how Fu Manchu sounds, but why did it sounds like James from the original Pokémon anime?

  91. Orlando Elegante

    Orlando Elegante21 day ago


  92. Aching For Strength

    Aching For Strength20 days ago

    Indeed 😱😰

  93. SL BRO - FITS

    SL BRO - FITS22 days ago

    Need for Speed THEORY............

  94. Goosefang

    Goosefang22 days ago

    I’m a DC comics guy, but love all comic related movies and tv. That said, I did see “All hail the King”

  95. Kenia Monterroso

    Kenia Monterroso22 days ago

    The early elbow progressively cry because canoe locally knock mid a swanky rowboat. melodic, pink key

  96. NGDJohn

    NGDJohn22 days ago

    Looks like MatPat watched armored adventures for the last part.

  97. bob bob

    bob bob23 days ago

    I had completely forgotten about captain planet until now.

  98. arandominshowdown

    arandominshowdown23 days ago

    Fin fang foom came in the hulk and the agents of smash ...

  99. Yuan Perez

    Yuan Perez23 days ago

    The amuck dirt bizarrely heat because sun crucially head pace a loud advice. noxious, green grey grieving jeans

  100. Rogelio Avelar

    Rogelio Avelar23 days ago

    Toph is the only earth bender that uses hung-gar. Other earth benders practice a mantis style kung fu. That's why her bending is different from other benders

  101. Javier Otero

    Javier Otero23 days ago

    Please, a Spiderman No Way Home theory

  102. Aryan Duggal

    Aryan Duggal23 days ago

    I didn't care about this movie before this video. Matpat you do have some kind of magic. Also i knew about fing fang fu thanks to lego marvel avengers and the iron man cartoons.

  103. Russell de Jimmies

    Russell de Jimmies23 days ago

    Bout halfway through I realized this wasn’t a mortal kombat theory. XD

  104. Kel Gin Lim

    Kel Gin Lim23 days ago

    Still waiting for that Klay World theory, still waiting

  105. Alexander Asher

    Alexander Asher23 days ago

    Alternative version would be after all 10 rings are collected they turn the wielder into fen fang foom

  106. chris1990ish1

    chris1990ish123 days ago

    I remember playing against Fin Fang Foom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  107. TheRichmaster

    TheRichmaster23 days ago

    6:00 0/10 - Did not mention the Armoured Adventures version

  108. Remmon Stimphil

    Remmon Stimphil23 days ago

    I have a mystery for Mat Pat

  109. 鬼

    23 days ago

    Makes ya think about when they gunna do a doctor doom stand alone anything f marvel

  110. Jose Ramos

    Jose Ramos23 days ago

    This guy don’t miss!!

  111. Wolfhard

    Wolfhard23 days ago

    Make a parasyte: the maxim theory, demon slayer or the promised neverland theory pleaseeeee.

  112. Jim Lazar

    Jim Lazar24 days ago

    I love the radio in Kirlian

  113. Ronny G

    Ronny G24 days ago

    Day 5 of asking you too do a Pixar death Count