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  1. Metal Man

    Metal Man7 hours ago

    Your tv is studying you

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    Juice7 hours ago

    I'm addicted to these videos i cant stop wathcing them. please send help.

  3. Kovid Cadera

    Kovid Cadera7 hours ago

    SOMEONE SEND THIS OVER TO THE STUDIO. Like, Star Wars has Dave Filoni. I pray DC will be able to save them with a move like this. PLEASE.

  4. GallantSky64

    GallantSky647 hours ago

    Wish me luck guys, I'm going to try and sleep

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  6. the artwoolf

    the artwoolf7 hours ago

    Wait... That explains why the grinch was so grumpy at Christmas as a 1 and 2 year old!!! It seems as a child since he was exposed to it he had a higher tolerance but he also left EXACTLY at Christmas times when the noise was loudest so it seems he couldn't bare it any longer!

  7. Raphael Nowak

    Raphael Nowak7 hours ago

    Hey,ik this series isn’t a film but peppa pig dates back to 1914 you may want to dig for some more to the 2004 series peppa pig

  8. aurora borealis

    aurora borealis7 hours ago

    Don’t take shame on my parents

  9. Monika_Zafirova

    Monika_Zafirova7 hours ago

    Mat Patt: Tony has to survive Wellp.... Jokes on you

  10. Glenard Limutos

    Glenard Limutos7 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Sophie's "purple" outfit coloured red? Am i going colorblind?m

  11. Zoe kim Ackermen

    Zoe kim Ackermen7 hours ago

    Hey Matpat, what do you think of the "titanic wasn't actually the titanic, it was the Olympic"? Ps, if you don't know what that is about, I'll happily explain it to you.

  12. Rockie the rock

    Rockie the rock7 hours ago

    When will you do miraculous- COVER UP MIRACULOUS PLEASE.

  13. Bhavvya Singh Devra

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  14. Mike Chris

    Mike Chris7 hours ago

    Hey Matpat, I have an interesting theory for you. This theory is about Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. What if Oogie was the original king of Halloween Town?

  15. Weiheng Hsu

    Weiheng Hsu8 hours ago

    Only god can bind a soul to a body. Thats why human transmutation doesn't work. Humans cant play god.

  16. YoutubeBear

    YoutubeBear8 hours ago

    Wa-wa-walten, looking forward to the next Episode!!

  17. Dilshan Bulathsinghala

    Dilshan Bulathsinghala8 hours ago

    soooo.....does that mean morty is morty's grandfather but also mort is morty's grandson? how though does he make sure rick's, i mean morty's son gives birth to morty so he becomes rick again. but wont that mean rick is the one who continues the cycle? how do you stop it?

  18. Red

    Red8 hours ago

    Rick becomes a boxer and beats rocky


    BIRDS ARE TOOO FAST8 hours ago

    What about google 2

  20. Suyash Dangol

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  21. Jason Howard

    Jason Howard8 hours ago

    16:12 - Something seems off...

  22. geniusfool the irrefutable

    geniusfool the irrefutable8 hours ago

    I don't know who the original ACB was. Maybe he/she graduated and left the college in the meantime?🤔But in this episode it was Mr Stone, acting on Pierce's orders in his last will (probably from an undisclosed addendum). The objective: Make Troy want to leave Greendale. All other crackings were just a smokescreen. BTW: My name is meant to be highly ironic. So please feel free to refute my theory. Cool. Coolcoolcool.

  23. kamilgra

    kamilgra8 hours ago

    God damm you already made a theory about this YOUR CRAZY ( in a good way lol )

  24. Marjorie Jenkins

    Marjorie Jenkins8 hours ago

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  25. Unicorn Amaly

    Unicorn Amaly8 hours ago

    16:16 is when mat pat calms down. You're welcome

  26. Kr Avi

    Kr Avi8 hours ago

    4:24 the level of details

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  28. QuiksilverAcro 22

    QuiksilverAcro 228 hours ago

    Matpat: this is dimension D-2731 The D-2371 sign: am I a joke to you

  29. Alena Everitt-Penhale

    Alena Everitt-Penhale8 hours ago

    Umm mat pat deku’s actual name is izuku bakugo calls he deku because it mines useless.

  30. Katsu Play

    Katsu Play8 hours ago

    *That bunny is gonna give me 100 years of nightmares*

  31. Dgamer 43

    Dgamer 438 hours ago

    Wa-wal-walten indeed

  32. DirtMcGurt

    DirtMcGurt8 hours ago

    oh boy, I wish scott was still into fnaf, sad about what happened.

  33. Mr._. argonot

    Mr._. argonot8 hours ago

    Could you make a sequel?

  34. SuperHamSniper

    SuperHamSniper8 hours ago

    wtf is google 1?

  35. HollowKnight Fan

    HollowKnight Fan8 hours ago

    I would really like to see new episodes. It's one of the best shows i have seen in the last time.


    OWEN OBRIEN8 hours ago

    Do coraline next mat pat

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    padraig.alice wilson8 hours ago

    Do you do put extra food on board




  39. padraig.alice wilson

    padraig.alice wilson8 hours ago

    Keynes potassium benzoate

  40. padraig.alice wilson

    padraig.alice wilson8 hours ago

    Keynes potassium benzoate I got the camera using the Cranberry juice

  41. David Lombardo

    David Lombardo8 hours ago

    Wa wa Walton: I have a theory that the bon we see in the beginning is the real bon and the bon that hurts people is a prototype

  42. Youssif Hammad

    Youssif Hammad8 hours ago

    shaggy's power level in the fnf mod is like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 at 2% power like bruh

  43. Rakshit Sharma

    Rakshit Sharma8 hours ago

    Well atleast we are finally gonna see the timekeepers I am pretty sure they're gonna look like doormamu ,huge and gonna be in space as we saw they were

  44. JzzTor

    JzzTor8 hours ago

    film theory idea: what was Saitama's punch when he was fighting genos (season1 episode5)

  45. Shootingstar Inc

    Shootingstar Inc8 hours ago

    Me watching this in 2021

  46. David Pelky

    David Pelky8 hours ago

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  47. the Vampire Queen of kawaii kady

    the Vampire Queen of kawaii kady8 hours ago

    Matt. Sophie is wearing red

  48. Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 2

    Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 28 hours ago

    Can you do more theories on this series? I’ve been watching it ever since episode 2 of the walten files came out on Martin Walls’ channel. Also please look into every bit of detail, and I mean *every bit* since this series is interesting because of how it hides all it’s little secrets. You’re going to have to do probably an entire episode on it’s own for episode 3 of the series, which is the newest one that came out and so far my favourite, so I think it deserves it’s own video, and it’s really long anyway so even if you don’t see this message I expect you to make a long video dissecting it and will be disappointed if you don’t. Make sure to watch other theories on youtube not for their take on the walten files and what they think it means, but rather look at their theory videos to see what they’ve found in the series so you can see if there are any secrets other people have found that you didn’t know about. I hope to see your theories basically on point and not misleading with the story because your channel is basically the biggest theory channel on USloft in my opinion and I don’t want people having a different idea of how this series actually is.

  49. Daniel egg dino

    Daniel egg dino9 hours ago

    So nobody is going to talk about this 8:06

  50. Akhil Menon

    Akhil Menon9 hours ago

    Okay, but there is one thing i don't understand. If, there is only one timeline how are there different Lokis? I mean one timeline means one of each person, so how is this explained? Did Marvel already explain this and i was just too dumb to understand? can anyone help me on this. Please.

  51. FAITH

    FAITH9 hours ago

    And the others

  52. FAITH

    FAITH9 hours ago

    Where tf is moana

  53. Jason Howard

    Jason Howard9 hours ago

    I did super cooling back in elementary school. Is that not normal?

  54. yohann singh

    yohann singh9 hours ago

    I wish Disney would just put me in an alternate timeline where everything is the same except the TASM series was completed with a whole new TASM's Sinister Six. I don't care what anybody else says.

  55. Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 2

    Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 29 hours ago

    Look at the unlisted videos. Sophie is the main character in the tapes.

  56. Omega Cell

    Omega Cell9 hours ago

    Im the firstest guy in these video

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    Vinny of yeetus9 hours ago

    Lets get this channel to 10 million subscribers this channel deserves it

  58. TheRealClassic

    TheRealClassic9 hours ago

    Fun fact: (spoiler alert) Theres 7 more quirk hidden on the core of one for all

  59. Omega Cell

    Omega Cell9 hours ago

    When you said 51 years ago USloft wasn't exist in 50 or 51 years then how they were there well there's something call cartoon network and spacetoon they in cartoon network or spacetoon

  60. FrankFit

    FrankFit9 hours ago

    You can't make an omlet without breaking some egg ...

  61. the ganarel

    the ganarel9 hours ago

    Time kontroll

  62. Raunak09

    Raunak099 hours ago

    10:56 did ya miss the triangle with a hat and walking stick on this screen?

  63. Gingy

    Gingy9 hours ago

    can disney be nice and make a universe where mobius gets a jet ski

  64. Muaz2205 Gaming

    Muaz2205 Gaming9 hours ago

    Goodbye Scott Cawthon. Thank you for everything.

  65. Diabetic64

    Diabetic649 hours ago

    I personally pronounce Aponi like, A Pony

  66. iris punt

    iris punt9 hours ago

    Yeah because using magic to remove their healing factors would make their stories too unbelieveable(-:

  67. Omega Cell

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    Im the firstest guy in these video

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    Imagine if Disney commented on this video

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    Corona - Jaw drops

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    He could be the leader having more advanced powers

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    Oblivion Ogre9 hours ago

    I work at noon and need sleep yet i simply keep watching more & more of your videos.. it's nearly 6 am LOL

  73. Lil Perckle

    Lil Perckle9 hours ago

    you could have made it easier and shorter by just realizing if he could teleport he wouldve just teleported OUT of the toxic waste but you know...

  74. Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson9 hours ago

    I was watching it and it occurred to me that we're looking at this all wrong. I'm sure I'm wrong (mainly because I thought of it) but here goes: What if the Time Keepers aren't protecting the MCU timeline but actually isolating, even quarantining it? It could be because there's something about this particular timeline they're selecting that it bears exclusive focus on. I think there's 2 possibilities that aren't exclusive. First, that this is the timeline that created the Time Keepers in the far future. They would be fools not to protect their own origin, so they have a reason not to wipe that particular one out. Plus they'd want to avoid any alternate timelines from creating any extraneous copies of themselves or worse, create their evil counterparts: the Time Twisters. The second possibility is that there could be a facet to this particular timeline's existence that can provide a counter or balancing force of some kind. Perhaps this timeline serves as an anchor to the TVA base itself to the rest of reality. Maybe someone in the MCU like Scarlet Witch (the Nexus Being) is acting as the Neo to the multiverse's Matrix. And we all know that where there's the One, there's the Other - I'm speaking of Kang the Conqueror, of course. For both possibilities in effect, it could also be that this the timeline that started the war in the first place, perhaps forming alliances with other timelines with matching inclinations to gain an edge over other timelines, explaining why the TVA would focus so much on this timeline from making arbitrary copies of itself, thus preventing an evil 616 alternate from creating another timeline army to restart the Multiversal War. Like I said, I'm probably wrong, but I think my idea of what it could be would make just as compelling a story line as whatever the actual writers and producers decided on. But the Analog Authoritarian Bureaucratic Dystopia that we've seen for now in the TVA enforcers would seem to be more in line with my hypothesis. They'd basically be temporal jailers, keeping a timeline in check to stop their laws from being broken and chaos ensuing. And just like Earth prison guards, they don't have any emotional connections with the incarcerated, so casually 'resetting' the variants isn't a moral quandary. What do you think?

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    You started wen I was born 2011

  77. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b9 hours ago

    You know what marvel heroes seem to still be getting left out from the MCU despite getting their own movies, even though were looking at x men and deadpool possibly getting included? Fantastic 4. F4 should totally get the MCU treatment! Imagine a meeting of the minds between Hank Pim, Dr Strange, Smart Hulk, and Mr F!

  78. progamertk

    progamertk9 hours ago

    Its a sires vize a loot of madnes

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